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In a ceremony that captured the attention of users around the world, Jacob Wright, a software engineer at RunPod, said “I do” with a twist: During the wedding held on February 10, he was wearing Apple’s Vision Pro glasses.

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The photo of this moment, with the impressive mountains of Utah in the background, has been widely circulated on social networks, not only because of the beautiful landscape but because of the facial expression of his wife Cambrie, which has gone viral.

Jacob, fond of technology and especially artificial intelligence tools, As he told ‘SFGate,’ he acquired the Vision Pro two days after its launch.

These are no ordinary glasses, but a mixed reality device that provides an immersive visual experience, completely obscuring the user’s eyes with a high-definition MicroLED display.

Despite your enthusiasm for immersive videos that allow you to enjoy 4K content, your decision to wear them during an important moment like your wedding has generated all kinds of reactions.

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The image shows the couple with a spectacular landscape in the background, he in his wedding suit with a flower in his boutonniere and gesturing in the air, interacting with his digital environment, next to him, Cambrie, resplendent in her wedding dress, holds a bouquet of flowers and shows an expression that reveals her previous request to Jacob: Avoid wearing glasses during the ceremony.

The bride told ‘SFGate’ that, although she looks more upset in the photo than she actually was, she had specifically requested that the Vision Pro not be a part of her special day. In the same interview, Cambrie explained that when her partner wears glasses at home, she avoids interacting with him and goes to another room.

“He said, ‘Hey, honey, can we take pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?'” Cambrie told the above outlet. “He probably asked me two or three times. I was like, ‘No, no, no, we have to wait, we have to wait.’ And then I turn around for a minute and he’s putting them on,” Praised the bride.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro is equipped with an M2 chip, Similar to the MacBook, and designed to deliver an unprecedented mixed reality experience.

With advanced cameras and sensors, these glasses not only capture the user’s environment but also enable intuitive interactions through eye movements and mid-air gestures.

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apple vision pro

Apple Vision Pro was launched on 2 February.

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