Man punches Taco Bell employee in Miami: “Are you laughing?”

a worker from Taco Bell in Miami He was slapped hard by a customer who came to the counter to complain because he was angry because his own microwave had exploded while heating a product.

On the Instagram profile Miami Problems you can watch the short video that shows the violent incident at Taco Bell in Sun City.

Taco Bell is an American fast food chain that sells classic Mexican dishes at affordable prices.

From everything it appears the customer tried to heat their purchases in the microwave and forgot to remove the aluminum wrappers used to keep the products warm.

The device exploded and its owner returned to the establishment. Taco Bell in Miami Blaming the seller for what happened and demanding compensation.

The employee remained calm at first and even smiled when he realized what was happening, but the customer did not take that reaction well at all. Their level of violence increased.

“I’m going to sue you,” the very upset man can be heard saying. The employee asked if he would like the new food and the customer insisted: “You guys will pay for my microwave. It exploded! Are you laughing?” He said and slapped the salesman hard.

It is not known what was the end of this dispute. Many people on social media are suggesting that the Taco Bell employee should press physical assault charges against this violent customer.

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