Manu Payet tells us about his unexpected meeting with Angelina Jolie

“It was my date with Poe. He’s become a friend, we’re growing old together.” When Manu Payet learned that a fourth part of one of DreamWorks’ most famous franchises was in the pipeline, he “Jump on the roof”, Wednesday 27 March 2024, kung fu panda 4 Reached French cinemas with a bang. To celebrate these new adventures of Poe and his friends, their official voice agreed to answer a few questions tele-vacation, He told us, among other things, about his chance meeting with Angelina Jolie, the voice of Master Tigress in the original version.

How was dubbing for Kung Fu Panda 4 for Manu Pyatt?

To dub Po, the gluttonous panda we’ve been loving since 2008, Manu Payette had to go through a few changes. And with good reason, the fourth film is darker than the previous films. “In each part, Poe ages. He was first a child, then a pre-teen, a teen, now he’s a young adult. The way the voice was worked on is different, we developed it, matured In the first and second movie, it was more high-tone. We always tried to keep Jack Black’s American voice as close as possible. But we also created a story with Poe. He was a certain Became French in a way.”he explains tele-vacation, In the studio, actors and set directors, “Barbara Tissier, Essential Elements in Dubbing”got down “To develop Po”, An experience that unfortunately the comedian shared little with his on-screen sidekick: Maître Chifu, dubbed in French by Pierre Arditi. “In fact, we work very little together. The other characters do their sequences on their own, otherwise we would have to wait for everyone. For example, Pierre is much easier to record if he has already put his voice in. . With great actors like him, you just have to hold your ground. For Poe, there’s a lot of work, a lot of battle cries… Luckily we saved Pierre!”He laughs.

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Manu Payet: “I was sitting in the same row as Jack Black and Angelina Jolie”

But if these two only met each other during a recording session, Manu Payet was able to enjoy sharing a row of seats with the American artist. Kung Fu Panda, for one evening. The event is at the time of the release of the second part Kung Fu Panda in 2011. The actor then meets his American alter ego Jack Black, who voices Poe in the original version. But that’s not all! “We were in Cannes for Kung Fu Panda 2. I met the entire American cast. During a screening of the film, I was sitting in the same row next to Jack Black, Angelina Jolie (voice of Tigress, editor’s note) and To dustin hoffman (Shifu’s voice, editor’s note)! it was very big. Angelina Jolie met me during the first part, during a press day, and she recognized me. I was very happy.”, He says. An adventure, far more rewarding than any experience he had with any other American star, which he recalls with great enthusiasm. And we understand it!

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An interview to be found in Télé-Loisirs 1987, on newsstands March 25, 2024.

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