Margot Robbie dominates the ranking of highest paid actresses in Hollywood in 2023

Australian star Margot Robbie, who rose to fame with her role in the Greta Gerwig-directed film Barbie, is now the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in 2023. She has even overtaken many big names of American cinema in the ranking established by the very serious Forbes magazine. , Let us find out together how this 33-year-old young actress reached the top of the pyramid.

A resounding success for Margot Robbie and her film Barbie

Margot Robbie has experienced a meteoric rise in 2023, largely due to her interpretation of Barbie in the film of the same name directed by Greta Gerwig. The feature film also stars Ryan Gosling, who could top the box office with his hit song I’m Just Kane, for which he has also been nominated for an Oscar.’

Not content with being the lead actress in the film, Margot Robbie is also a co-producer through her company LuckyChap. This dual role allowed him to receive a significant portion of the revenue generated by Blockbuster, thus helping propel his salary to the top of the Forbes rankings.

Preferred position among highest paid stars in all categories combined

Apart from gaining her first place among the highest paid actresses, Margot Robbie comes in second place in Forbes ranking in all categories, right behind actor Adam Sandler. With $59 million for him and $73 million for him, the gap between the two stars remains significant.

This success allows Margot Robbie to remain ahead of established actors such as Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as her female colleagues such as Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock.

Importance of production in stars’ income

Notable in the Forbes 2023 ranking, many actors and actresses have increased their income due to their active participation in the production of films and series. This is especially the case of Margot Robbie with her company LuckyChap, but also of Jennifer Aniston for the series The Morning Show and Leonardo DiCaprio for Martin Scorsese’s film Killers of the Flower Moon.

Women are slowly but surely making progress in the world of Hollywood

If Margot Robbie is the first woman to be included in the list of Forbes magazine, there are other actresses in this ranking dominated by men. The findings come a day after International Women’s Day (March 8) and could bode well for greater pay equality within the film industry.

However, Hollywood still has a long way to go to achieve true equality. Actresses still rank lower than actors in the rankings of the highest-paid stars, and the pay gap between the genders remains significant. It is important that the progress of women in this industry is encouraged and valued so that they continue to break barriers and pave the way for future generations of artists.

In Conclusion: Margot Robbie, Hope for Women in Hollywood

Margot Robbie’s meteoric rise to the top of the Forbes rankings in 2023 shows that it is possible for women to succeed in a male-dominated world. Their undeniable talent, their entrepreneurial spirit and their determination are proof that women have all the skills needed to establish themselves in the world of cinema.

Now it is up to actresses, producers and directors to follow her example and fight for the equality and recognition they deserve. Margot Robbie’s success gives hope for a better future for women in Hollywood and inspires everyone to work towards greater equality in this industry.

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