Margot Robbie wanted Gal Gadot as Barbie

According to the actress and producer, the Wonder Woman star is a perfect fit for “Barbie energy.”

At only 33 years old, margot robbie Reached the ranks of the biggest stars on the planet, resulting in immense success barbie this summer. Although in hindsight she seems to be the best actress to play the role, they had initially considered another star for the role.

margot robbie The producer of the film has been trying to bring it to life for years. he thought first girl gadot To wear the metal doll’s stiletto heels. in an interview for entertainment tonight, she describes girl gadot As “our dream barbie, Unfortunately a scheduling problem made the collaboration impossible, which could not be prevented gadot Happen “barbie energy barometeraccording to the terms of margot robbie,

@entertainmenttonight Margot and Gal are the quintessential Barbie besties. 💖 #margotrobbie #galgadot #barbie #barbiemovie #gretagerwig #fyp ♬ Original Sound – Entertainment Tonight

Oscar returns Barbie to the adapted screenplay category, not the original

required the intervention of greta gerwigTo convince the film director margot robbie Accepting the role. The filmmaker co-wrote the film with his partner noah baumbach By creating a character suitable for Robbie, in an interview for flaunting magazine, girl gadot expressed all his affection towards the interpreter of barbie,

,I love Margot. Margot is one of those women you want to be friends with… so funny, warm, pleasant, intelligent and obviously very talentedshe declares about her co-worker. He said he was very pleased to be considered for the role: “I would love to do something with Margot and I was so impressed by this. Whatever he said about me made my heart happy.,

Fans will still have to hope for a collaboration between Barbie and Wonder Woman, which alone certainly represents half the glamor rate in Hollywood.

Gal Gadot teases Cleopatra: “This is the story the world needs to hear right now”

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