Olimpia adds two new casualties before the start of this Clausura 2024 tournament of the National League


Less than a week is left for the tournament to start League finale National, Teams continue to strengthen their ranks and other teams continue to loan players.

Olympia who orders pedro troglio One of them, who will add two more casualties before his debut in this national championship; This was announced by the Argentinian coach himself.

He sent him to train alone! Pedro Troglio reveals the problem of a player at Olimpia: “Many clubs called him and drove him crazy”

Two of the new deaths will be reported by lions Raul Garcia and Felix Garcia, The youth who were part of the Hairy Squad and are now gone Life of La Ceiba.

“They have already departed, they are training there. There was a change in the U-20 minutes system since going from 2003 to 2005, that is, they killed the generation born in 2004 and they don’t even add minutes to me, so they forced me to enter 2005 and I don’t even have them because they’re with the national team,” Troglio explained.

Who also said: “As for Raúl, Félix and Dimitri, who are from 2003, I need to loan them out, because it is difficult for them to play two games, unless they are Edwin Rodríguez or Julián Martínez, who are 19 years old. As they become beginners at this age, it is convenient for them to go to play elsewhere”.

Raúl García is the nephew of Bonique García and plays as a mixed midfielder, while Félix García plays as a right back.

With these two new casualties, Olimpia let go: Brian Moyá, Jorge Benguez, Alex Guity, Demetri Gordon, Raul García and Félix García.

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