Maria Corina Machado and why April will be an important month for elections in Venezuela?

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado speaks during an interview with Reuters in Caracas, Venezuela, February 9, 2024. Reuters/Gabby Ora

The situation that Venezuela is going through, on the threshold of the decision to reimpose economic sanctions by the United States, opens a spectrum of possible future scenarios that could determine the political, economic and social course of the country. Statements by the Nicolás Maduro regime’s chief negotiator, Jorge Rodríguez, suggest a phase of uncertainty regarding the fulfillment of agreements signed in bilateral talks between the two countries in Barbados, highlighting the complex interaction between diplomacy and internal aspirations for political change. We do. ,

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The process of evaluation by the Chavista regime of compliance with the agreements with the United States shows not only the importance of these dialogues in the framework of bilateral relations, but also the potential impact of these dialogues on the internal political landscape of Venezuela. Immigration agreements, air deportations and significant exchanges involving Alex Saab, accused of being Maduro’s key figure, and the freedom of many Americans, though important, become pieces of a broader board where internal political games, sovereignty and political rights interact. Are intertwined in.

The temporary suspension of some sanctions by Washington, including those related to the oil and gas industry, until April, the month of the summit in which the full range of sanctions can be reimposed in case of non-compliance with the agreed, I use These media are seen as a pressure tool to influence internal political decisions that lead to a democratic solution, in this case, the qualification of María Corina Machado as a candidate in the presidential election.

But, the confirmation by the Supreme Court of Justice of Machado’s disqualification has further clouded the path to an inclusive and democratic electoral scenario. Moreover, the regime has demonstrated little will to abide by the agreements it has signed, which is not surprising.

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