María Corina Machado condemned the “brutal repression” by the Maduro regime against her campaign order

María Corina Machado warned that she would continue her candidacy for the presidency of Venezuela (EFE/Cristian Hernández)

Maria Corina Machado He denounced this Wednesday that the Nicolás Maduro regime is carrying out “brutal repression” against his campaign team, following the knowledge of the arrest of the head of the formation. henry alvirezand Political Secretary, former Deputy Dignora Hernandez.

“World alert! The Maduro regime carried out brutal repression against my campaign teams (…) “These cowardly actions are aimed at closing Venezuela’s path towards peace and transition to democracy and independence.”Mentioned in

“Venezuelans, I ask you for strength and courage in these difficult times. Today, more than ever, we need to remain united and determined to move forward toward our objectives,” said the Vente Venezuela (VV) leader.

The opposition party reported that Alviérez, the national organizing coordinator, and Hernández, the national political secretary, They are victims of “kidnapping” by the Maduro regime.

In this sense, the party’s Human Rights Committee assured that Machado’s “regime continues to criminalize the political team”, disqualifying it from competing in elections for public office until 2036.

This was the moment of the arrest of Dignora Hernandez in Venezuela

He indicated that, along with the two leaders, seven members of Vente Venezuela are “currently detained”, to which he alerted the international community about these incidents and demanded that national authorities stop “harassment and criminalization”, Also “immediately release” these people.

After the arrest of both the officers Agents of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) move into the headquarters of María Corina Machado’s expeditionary command And they surrounded the place. A press conference was called there at 5 pm local time.

The opposition party Voluntad Popular (VP), which supports Machado, rejected

For its part, the anti-Chavista organization La Causa R warned that The regime “intends to eliminate the entire Venezuelan leadership, with baseless accusations.”

The prosecutor’s office announced this Wednesday an arrest request against seven other people close to Machado, including his communications chief, Claudia Massero, former deputy Omar González Moreno and anti-Chavista campaign manager Magalí Maeda. The others are Osvaldo Bracho, Pedro Uruchartu, Humberto Villalobos and Fernando Martínez Mottola.

Sabine agents also surrounded the headquarters of María Corina Machado’s expeditionary command.

Meanwhile, the regional coordinators have been detained since January 23 Luis Camacarro (Yaraque), Juan Freites (La Guerra) and Guillermo López (Trujillo), Meanwhile, he was arrested on March 8 Emile Brandt UlloaCoordinator in Barinas, and this week Joe VillamizarCoordinator of the Municipality of Girardot of Aragua State.

In the press conference he held on Wednesday to report these arrests and the arrest requests, the regime’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, said that the arrests were made “in connection with everything that Emil Brandt Ulloa confessed to.” Shortly thereafter, he presented an alleged self-incriminating video of María Corina Machado’s campaign manager in Barinas.

Protesters, activists and NGOs also rejected these new arrests, pointing out that they were made on the same day as the United Nations Independent International Mission to Venezuela indicated that The regime is reactivating “the most violent form of repression”With the arrest of opponents accused of alleged conspiracies.

The mission warned that the Chavista regime maintains repressive mechanisms against the opposition, which is “evidence of the serious difficulties it faces in guaranteeing that the next presidential elections will be held with transparency and freedom”.

(with information from EFE)

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