María Corina Machado warns about increase in repression in Venezuela

Maria Corina Machado speaks during a press conference in front of her party headquarters in Caracas on January 29, 2023. (Photo by Federico Parra/AFP)

“The problem is not my name and surname, but that Maduro does not accept the possibility of losing,” María Corina Machado said in the program “Venezuela at a critical moment: María Corina Machado and the 2024 elections”, held this Monday. Atlantic Council.

The presidential candidate assured that the regime would not accept a candidate who could defeat him and wondered what conditions the candidate he supported would have to meet. “Accepting an alternative candidate is accepting the option of losing to Maduro. The government does not accept the possibility of defeat in the elections. “They want to make sure beforehand that they’re not going to lose,” he said.

Furthermore, the leader pointed out that she is fulfilling her responsibility and asked to analyze what Maduro will be forced to do, as well as what is the role of the international community to guarantee a peaceful transition in Venezuela.
“Venezuelans are empowered because we have decided what we want and who we want: the ideas, the vision and who should be in charge,” he said.

Similarly, Maria Corina referred to her visit to the eastern part of the country last week and said: “It made me realize that we are in a different place, and it is changing with the times. Thinking that this is an electoral problem is not the same as understanding what is happening in Venezuela. It’s profound, it’s a very powerful social phenomenon.”

In this sense, he stressed that it is the first time in 25 years that the real possibility of political change is being felt in Venezuela.

“In 25 years, this is the first time that we are seeing a presidential election in which in Venezuela and outside the country, we are confident that we are going to win. “We’ve never been 80-20 in a presidential election.”

Looking for candidates

On the other hand, María Corina Machado talked about the obstacles she had to overcome as a candidate and described herself as a “candidate in persecution” in light of all the restrictions imposed on her by the regime.

“I can’t catch a plane, I can’t rent sound or transportation equipment for my coworkers; Three players from my national team are facing trial, their passports have been cancelled; And four members of my team in the states have been detained, and I am also receiving threats. So who is stopping the electoral process? “We are complying with the Constitution,” were his words.

The opposition leader reminded that negotiating with them is in Maduro’s best interests because it provides a fair compromise for him and everyone in the regime. And he added: “There is no way to continue the negotiated agreement if the Venezuelan people do not support it. “We Venezuelans need confidence in the leadership that represents them in these negotiations.”

Venezuela at a critical moment: Maria Corina Machado on the 2024 elections

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