Maria Corina Machado’s master move to take on the Maduro regime in Venezuela’s presidential elections

Maria Corina Machado’s masterstroke to face Maduro regime in Venezuela’s presidential elections. (Reuters/Gabby Ora)

Maria Corina Machado He has no doubt that he will win the election Nicolas Maduro, But, after being disqualified, she is now betting on a philosopher and university professor to contest the presidential election 28th July In Venezuela.

This will be another Corina: Corina Yoris He will be registered as an entity candidate, but Machado will be the face of the campaign. There is already discussion on social networks “Corina Squared,

“We are going to fight this battle together,” he said. Machado, 56, when he was introducing Yoris, an octogenarian hitherto unknown in Venezuelan politics. “I will continue to travel throughout Venezuela, bringing strength and hope to every corner of the country.”

Machado, whom some surveys omit 70 percent voting intentionEven after the Supreme Court confirmed his ban on holding public office for 15 years, he always kept his campaign active.

As she passes, dozens of people come out of their homes to welcome her, some waving flags. Followers have dubbed her “The Iron Lady”, some for her tough, blunt tone against the government; Other references to the late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Like him, anti-communist and with liberal economic stance.

The opposition coalition named Corina Yoris as its standard bearer for the 28 July elections. Despite his political ineptitude, Wente remains a central figure of Venezuela’s leadership campaign. (Reuters)

Machado won the primaries last October to elect the opposition coalition’s candidate unitary platformWith 92% votes.

He defined his victory as a “mandate” from the people to defeat Maduro, who seeks a third six-year term. The President came to power in 2013 after the death of hugo chavez (1999–2013), and was re-elected in 2018 in disputed elections under suspicion of fraud.

“To the end” has been Machado’s mantra, who always maintained hope of being able reverse your disqualification, despite the fact that the authorities never considered the possibility of doing so. ,This is today’s reality, and we know that the hours are ticking“, he admitted this Friday, three days before the end of the application period.

And the stakes are high on Yoris, 80, who has never held public office before, let alone faced a campaign of this scale.

Birth CaracasA graduate in Philosophy, Literature and a Doctor in History, he has taught for decades at this prestigious institution Andres Bello Catholic University (UCAB), according to a profile shared by Machado’s campaign.

“We are going to fight this battle together,” Machado, 56, said as he introduced Yoris, an octogenarian who was until now unknown in Venezuelan politics.

He chaired philosophy committees, and was a member of the national commission that organized the primaries won by Machado.

“That was when I met her (…) and from the first day her intelligence impressed me,” he said, embracing her and defining her.The grandmother that Venezuela needs,

,We are going on the path of change and we have to walk on it together.Yoris said. “We are all necessary, no one is superfluous here.”

political life of Machado It started in 2002 when he created the organization join inwhich promoted a referendum to recall the late President Hugo Chávez (1999–2013), and continued until ParliamentWhere he had to face the leader when he was untouchable, almost God.

,to seize is to steal“, he told Chávez during the presentation of accounts in parliament in 2012. “I suggest you win the primaries because you are out of the ranking to debate with me,” the president told him. “The eagle does not catch flies. “

A decade later, Machado He did this: he won over the opposition vote with a promise to end socialism to make way for a liberal country, a “different alternative” to the traditional opposition.

Machado’s political career began in 2002 when he created the Sumate organization, which promoted a referendum to recall the late President Hugo Chávez. (efe)

But he was disqualified, banned from leaving the country, which keeps him away from his children, who live abroad.

“Iron Lady vs. Super Mustache. “This is who we’re going to defeat,” he said a few weeks ago. AFP Karin Rodríguez, 58-year-old mason in Carabobo (central-north) state. It refers to a surname of Machado and propaganda cartoons that show the president as a superhero on state TV.

“And if she can’t go to the polls, we’ll vote for whoever she says.”


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