María José Forner enters the Valencian Academy of Medicine

María José Forner, during her induction speech as corresponding academic.

service chief internal Medicine of Hospital Clinic of Valencia, maria jose forener ginnerHave entered as relevant academic Royal Academy of Medicine and Related Sciences of the Valencian Community,

For his induction ceremony, Forerunner presented ‘The systemic lupus In ’21st century woman’.

Doctor of Medicine and specialist in Internal Medicine, his main field of work revolves around autoimmune diseases,

is a researcher in the study group of Cardiometabolic and renal risks of Incliva Health Research Institutedepends on the clinic and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, In this area they have recently performed together Raquel CortesAutoimmune Disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Study Project.

Forener is its first vice president Society of Internal Medicine of the Valencian Community (SMICAV)and is an active member of Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI)As was evident in the National Congress of this scientific society, held in Valencia in 2016, and of whose organizing committee she was part.

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