‘Paco’ Bazan was invited to ESPN Chile for the Gareca issue and ended the debate about pisco

Former goalkeeper and sports commentator, Paco Bazán, was angry at the mention of “Chilean Pisco Sour” during his appearance on the program ESPN Chile.

‘Paco Bazán’ is a Peruvian presenter, commentator and former football player. Photo: Rachana Libero/ESPN Chile

Francisco ‘Paco’ Bazan receives invitation to F90 event espn chile To give your impression about the arrival of ricardo garreca To the southern team. Sports commentators were reticent when talking about ‘Tigre’ and commented that, despite the Peruvian fans’ affection for the Argentinian coach, expect things to go badly,

,The process with Juan Reynoso was a disaster. In eight months he destroyed everything that Gereka had done in 8 years, And today Peru is in last place with two points with a difference of minus seven and Chile has five points. That’s why I can’t wish him luck anywhere, neither in football, nor in those stupid historical rivalries that are preserved in football, I can’t in any way wish that everything goes well for Gereka, I want him to perform well in all his games, not just against Peru as others have said.“, said the former Peruvian player for the first time.

A few minutes later, when the Chilean journalist francisco sagredo ‘Paco’ was grateful for the connection with Bazán, he came up with the idea of ​​inviting him to Santiago for ‘Paco’Chile Pisco Sour’A proposal that elicited the anger of Eric and Gonzalo Driver.

,Pisco Sour is Peruvian, Peruvian, as it should be, We are going to toast there in Chile with a wonderful grape brandy, because answering to international organizations the designation of origin is respected. It’s honorable that Pisco is a city that predates the one you treacherously founded to support your grape brandy. We toast with a Peruvian Pisco Sour and maybe a ‘Piccola’, because their Pisco is so bad they have to wash it down with ‘Coca-Cola’.” Bazan said.

Gareca will officially debut as Chile coach against Peru

peru And chili They will face each other next Friday, June 21, for the first date of the Copa America 2024. The match, played in the United States, would be Gereka’s first official duel with Red and his first reunion with Bicolor. Being eliminated in the playoff against Australia.

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