Martin Anselmi attacked by Cruz Azul fans after defeat to Pachuca

Relationship between technical directors martin anselmi and fans of blue Cross He certainly didn’t get off on the right foot this Saturday Sports City StadiumA building looking packed for the match against La Maquina pachuca,

And after starting my way in Completion 2024 With a narrow defeat against Liga MX tuzosMany of the divine followers on the grounds of Colonia Noche Buena were very upset, so it did not take long for them to blame strategist Argentina for its team’s poor actions.

After the final whistle, Anselmi He headed for the stairs leading to the stadium’s locker room, but shortly before reaching his destination, several blue fans were waiting for him in a nearby stand, who threw him out. beer glassesTherefore the coach had to increase its speed to avoid hitting these objects.

Moreover, amidst this shameful scene, Anselmi Most of the spectators in the stands criticized him, so the captain will not forget this sad start with his new team, for the first time Liga MX In his career.

Like this, it seemed a dreamy afternoon blue CrossWho played for the first time at home in the building that was their home for 22 years (1996–2018) and sold out seats for this performance.

Cruz Azul fans angry at Anselmi over Escobar?

Defeat against a team led by Guillermo Almada La Noria was a significant part of the club’s fans’ irritation against AnselmiHowever, this reaction seemed excessive as it was the first game and could be attributed to the sensation created after the captain’s departure. juan escobar Of cement organization.

During the week, Anselmi and Escobar There was an argument between them due to which the Paraguayans later left the place blue Cross, Guarani was one of the most loved and respected footballers by the fans and it seemed that they did him a favor by chanting his last name in unison during the match.

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