Kanye West is enjoying some alone time with his boy Saint!

Kanye West spends some time with his son Saint after a basketball game in Los Angeles. A moment alone with him.

It’s been several years now since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were together. However, his children still spend some time with their father. Recently the same thing happened with St. We tell you more in this article.

Kanye West spent time with St.

We know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not been on good terms since their divorce. However, the mother did not want to deprive her children of time with their father. Even if there is co-parenting Really not that simple.

The rapper will have narcissistic qualities. that won’t help Agreed on kids. In an interview with The Sun, psychologist Dr Danielle McGrath Talked on this topic.

, Kanye’s speech showed arrogant traits, And it included declarations of grandeur, authority and aggression. However, Kim Kardashian still allows her ex-husband Kanye West to see their children.

Many times, mother Explained that he was unable to “deal with his ex-wife”. We suspect the discussions will be quite heated. But yesterday, we spotted the rapper with his 8-year-old son, Saint, after his basketball game.

And so it was his father who took him to his game. Pictures immortalized this moment. Then Kanye West decided To get a little treat for my son, A simple walk immortalized by the paparazzi.

Divorce more than complicated

That’s why we see Kanye West with his kids from time to time. But what people talk about the most is his new wife Bianca. And above all, the practice he can do with it. Even if it’s their birthday message on Instagram it was very cute,

On Instagram, the young woman is always almost naked on her husband’s account. In one post he even wrote: “ no pants for this year, And everyone wonders if the rapper won’t be serious.

Must say that everything feels very strange. The pair spend a lot of time together. He was in Italy, then Germany. So, Kanye West couldn’t do anything special Watch her babies for several months. Maybe he’s trying to make amends in Los Angeles.

And it started with the Saints taking him to his basketball games. However, the rapper is still in financial trouble. In fact, the latter should be more a million dollars in taxes Which he has not resolved yet.

And if he does not pay this amount, the interest explosion may continue. In short, Kanye West still has problems. It must be said that many brands dropped him after his anti-Semitic comments. Due to which there is huge shortage of money.

But in his Instagram post he now says To be able to trust his wife Bianca. The only person who didn’t turn his back on him. Let’s see how this story ends. All the fans remain very suspicious.

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