There is no electricity in Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo due to the departure of the Turkish Patna service

Santiago de Cuba and the province of Guantanamo were left in the dark this Saturday due to the shutdown of the Turkish Floating Power Plant (Patana), which is docked in the Bay of Santiago and synchronized with the National Electroenergy System (SEN).

“At 09:04 pm an internal failure occurred in the floating generation of Santiago, causing disruption of service to the 110 kV lines of the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo at 10:25 pm. The damage was compensated. The root cause of the failure in the floating plant is to be determined prior to its subsequent commissioning,” the company said in brief. Cuban Electricity Union (UNE) This is a statement.

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According to the explanation given by the state company, the mass blackout was caused by an “internal failure” that is being investigated. However, in this Saturday’s edition, the official newspaper staff Blackouts were warned due to faults at six thermoelectric plants, which would lead to a “reduction in production capacity”.

“The supply capacity of the electricity system has also been reduced due to the shutdown of the floating plant (Patana) located in Santiago de Cuba due to lack of fuel,” the official media note warned.

Fuel shortage or internal failure? Once again, the information provided by UNE is vague and incomplete, revealing the manipulation that characterizes the information policy of the company it directs. alfredo lopez valdes,

At the end of March, KPS Irem Sultan floating power plant arrives in the Gulf of Santiago de Cuba, According to the statements of Raimundo Gonzalez GuillenAntonio Maceo General Director of the Thermoelectric Power Plant (Rente), six of the company’s engines were already in operation and contributing 95 MW of output to the SEN.

The manager explained that “Such a result reflects the quality of prior preparation at the intended site for installing the installation, safe supply of fuel and effective synchronization to the SEN.”

Lopez Valdes announced this in February They will move a “mobile generation” unit to eastern Cuba To reduce the acute electric energy crisis that has arisen Four major blackouts in less than 10 days,

However, in April a 240 MW Turkish floating power plant left Havana port. Bound for Santiago de Cuba to replace Irem Sultan, According to official journalist lazaro manuel alonsoIrem Sultan had already completed “her contract time in Cuba”.

Floating power plants have been operating in Cuba since 2019 and are the result of an agreement between the island and Turkish company Karadeniz Holding. Despite the majority opinion of experts regarding its ineffectiveness in providing a solution to the serious crisis that SEN is going through, the Cuban regime hired eight employees of this company.

“This type of ship with energy technology allows the maintenance of other thermoelectric plants, contributes to increasing the national reserve and replaces the use of diesel, the most expensive fuel in electricity production,” the Santiago press said last March. Is one of.” However, 2024 has begun and neither nonsense nor correction of “distortions” has solved the serious problem of blackouts in Cuba.

UN forecast for this Saturday, Warned of impact of 821 MW during peak hoursMainly due to fuel shortage in distributed generation.

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