Match Summary: FC Juarez vs Cruz Azul (0-0)

new era Cruz Azul with Martin Anselmi as coach there is no end to explainingNor to begin with, and in their first two games of the competition they have become a sterile team with little idea of ​​how to make dangerous plays, now with bravos de juarez did not move forward goalless draw,

Machine Domino from start to finish but for border residents there was a lack of creativity To be able to damage the goal of Sebastian Jurado, and the amount of more than eight million dollars paid by Toro Fernandez has also not allowed Uruguay to take at least one shot on the enemy goal.

Sebastian Jurado was the hero of Bravos

As if the cement workers’ misfortune at the end of the game wasn’t enough, Cuet Sepúlveda missed a penalty And the worst thing is that it was in front sebastian juradoA goalkeeper who was previously strongly criticized by Cruzazulino during his time at La Noria.

Bravos played their game, they understood that their team was not able to compete with the light blue they gave the whole ball to the guestsBut yes, when he could if it poses a threat Kevin Meier against the fence with a counterattack.

anselmi is suffering A lot with his team, not only with problems off the field, such as with Juan Escobar, but also with Lack of creativity in your teamAnd they don’t know what to do with the ball when they have it and this match was an example of that.

victory eluded themOne win that could have given them confidence going forward in this tournament, and that is the defeat of the first match of the tournament against Pachuca, enthusiasm of his followers Was seen Less,

next week astronomical picture will be measured at the blue stadium MazatlánA game that on paper should be no problem for Anselmi’s team, but as is their luck, the Argentine will have to improve on creativity otherwise it will remain the same and patience could start to run out very quickly.

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