Matched 5 Powerball numbers and won $1.2 million by selling tickets in California

Los Angeles, California, – a lucky player Hit 5 winning Powerball numbers in the New Year’s drawing With a ticket he had purchased at a store in San Bernardino, Southern California.

California Lottery confirms winning ticket Found out that one person guessed 6 winning numbers The final Powerball drawing of the year.

He The jackpot was $842 million and fell on the same ticket sold in Michigan; However, there was one ticket in Southern California that made one player a millionaire.

Ticket with 5 winning Powerball numbers It was sold in a store called Country StoreWhich is located on Baker Boulevard in the Baker area of ​​San Bernardino.

The winning numbers for this Monday, January 1, 2024 draw were: 12, 21, 42, 44, 49 and Powerball: 1,

This Monday’s Powerball jackpot was the fifth largest jackpot in the lottery’s history and it had been at least three months since all the winning numbers matched anyone.

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Hispanic Edwin G. was certified by the California Lottery as the winner of the $2.04 billion Powerball lottery prize on November 7. Castro has continued to invest the $628.5 million he eventually received. This week it emerged that Castro bought a third mansion, while Jose Rivera, the Hispanic man who is suing him, claims to have been the target of “death threats.”

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As soon as he received the money, 31-year-old Edwin G. Castro bought a mansion in the Hollywood Hills for $25 million. This September, he purchased a third mansion in Bel Air, also in Los Angeles, for $47 million.


This Monday, as the ‘Pasadena Star News’ reported, Jose Rivera met Edwin G. Amended lawsuit against Castro and the California Lottery. Hispanic man alleges he purchased a prize-winning ticket and it was stolen. Now he said he is the target of death threats.

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The legal claim states, “Plaintiff has received anonymous death threats for claiming that he is the rightful owner of the winning ticket. He was forced to leave his job as a gardener due to the risk to the safety of both himself and his family.” Has gone.” By José Rivera, presented before a court in the Alhambra.

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Since Jose Rivera submitted his claim to the California Lottery, an investigation was conducted to confirm if he was, in fact, the one who purchased the ticket with the winning numbers from the November 7, 2022 drawing.


Joe Chahayed, owner of Joe’s Service Center at 15 W. Woodbury Road in Altadena, cooperated with authorities during the investigation.

Credit, Damien Dovarganes/AP

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“When it comes to the vetting process for big winners, the California Lottery has the highest confidence in its process,” said company spokeswoman Carolyn Baker.


“The California Lottery is confident that Edwin Castro is the legitimate winner of the $2.04 billion Powerball prize,” spokeswoman Carolyn Baker confirmed.

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The results of the investigation concluded that Edwin G. Castro is the rightful owner of the ticket, which won $2,040 million before paying taxes with the numbers 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and Powerball 10.

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Castro opted to pay a lump sum of $997.6 million.

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In addition to two mansions he purchased in Los Angeles, Edwin G. Castro bought it for $4 million in Altadena, California, which is very close to where he lived before becoming a millionaire.

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So far, it has been speculated that Edwin G. Castro has invested $76 million in properties in California. He also paid $250,000 for a ‘classic’ Porsche 911.

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Castro is convinced that the case against him will not succeed, while José Rivera seeks expert advice on his case. He has yet to explain how the winning ticket came into the hands of the now-king of real estate in Los Angeles.

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