Medical students do not plan to practice in Cuba after graduation

a group of medical student in cuba He offered a statement to YouTuber pink wanderlust And some assure that they do not aim to practice as doctors in the country.

Wanderlust visited a higher education center in Cuba specifically dedicated to training health professionals.

The youth admitted that they are facing very complex situations in their training phase, such as the matter of keeping the Duralgin vial and deciding which of the five patients to inject, as there are no medicines for everyone.

One of the prospective doctors explained, “If I start selling churros on the corner of the hospital, I will earn more than the best qualified specialist.”

The YouTuber asked, “Do you plan to work after completing your degree?” The answer to his two interviewers was clear: “No.”

The youth explained that the problem is not just how little salaries of health professionals in Cuba, but in terrible working conditions Is that.

shortcomings They are so extreme in the country that laboratory workers, doctors and nurses are constantly at risk of spreading diseases because they do not have essential supplies like gloves to protect them.

There were other young people who said they would exercise Medical career in CubaBut they are worried about how they will be able to face the challenge of saving lives in the country in the current context.

In the summer of 2023, official data indicated about 800 thousand young Cubans are not connected Neither have to study, nor have to work.

Last week the Cuban government assured that it was implementing policies to integrate youth into the labor force so that they do not have to do so. drop out of university,

The decrease and increase in poverty motivates many students to leave their professional training and work and their income helps their household economy.

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