Messi and all of Argentina are concerned about the mental health of Albiceleste teammate

WhyAttempts by Lavezzi’s family to downplay the seriousness of the case, Information continues to emerge about the 2014 world runner-up, who was reportedly admitted to a mental health center due to an overdose According to Argentine journalist Luis Ventura. His team confirmed that “He has a very serious drug problem.“And it was on Carmen Barbieri’s television program where more details were given about the former football player’s condition.

He begins to hear voices and believes that they are coming looking for him or following him.

Estefi Berardi, Argentinian journalist

Details of the incident that happened to his brother

Last December 20, Lavezzi was the victim of an accident while at his home in Punta del Este., Uruguay. It was rumored that the player had a heated argument with his brother due to which he was “A small wound in his stomach and a fracture at the level of his collarbone“, as stated in the statement after the medical inspection. Now more information about this has come to light.

“Suddenly Pocho became very nervous, very nervous. He started hearing voices and thought that they were coming to find him or were chasing him, and he became very scared.“, Argentinian journalist Estefi Berardi began to elaborate, and continued, “He became so scared and so bad that She picked up the scissors and started hurting herself. Or trying to hurt herself with scissors.” A situation in which her brother decides to intervene: “There brother tried to calm her down. It is not that he had a fight with his brother. Brother tried to control that situation and Pocho is not a small man, he is big and there situation arises and he gets injured in his collarbone“. An account of the events that did not end there: “El Pocho is in a judicial case with his ex Natalia Lonbardo, and he thought that it could be she who came looking for him.”

What he had was like a kind of mysterious wrath. He began to shout in praise or prayer to God

lucas bertero, criminal

The decision to take him to Buenos Aires

“In Punta del Este they decided the best thing was to fly him to Buenos Aires on a medical plane. But When he reached the airport a similar or very similar incident happened to him, and under those circumstances he could not take off because it was too dangerous for the crew.“Then they drugged him and brought him to sleep,” says criminal lawyer Lucas Bertero, who also had first-hand information. According to the description, “What he had was like a kind of mysterious wrath. He began to shout in praise or prayer to God“he explained.

“Things happened slowly here and One day the son decided to post a photo of himself sleeping curled up in an armchair like a baby, although I don’t think much of the son at all that it seemed a completely unnecessary photo.“He also wanted to tell about his son Tomas Lavezzi’s reaction on Instagram after seeing his father’s condition. “The positive thing about this hospitalization this past weekend is that Lavezzi was admitted of his own free will, He was the one who signed off on the hospitalization, and this could be an important step forward” concluded Bertero.


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