Messi has received ‘invitation’ from Argentina to go to Paris 2024 Games

Dafter Argentina’s 1-0 win against Brazil secured them access to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Argentine media focused on this figure The coach of that Albiceleste team, Javier Mascherano, Who were ‘bombarded’ with options in the subsequent press conference Call up three players over the age of 23 for the Paris event,

Faced with such a crossroads because of the question, Mascherano did not avoid it and aroused the suspicion of the entire Argentine press. Who was waiting for the words of this player’s former international and personal friend inter miami,

,Everyone already knows my relationship with Leo, my friendship. First of all, we have to qualify… the doors are open for a player like him to join us. Then it will obviously depend on them and their commitments“, Those statements by Mascherano are not from the ‘post’ party, but were made last October.

Mascherano’s words

is a faithful reflection in the mind of ‘little boss’ there is always a possibility World Champion Captain in Qatar 2022, Back Sad win against ‘Canarinha’words of Mascherano went in the same direction and He extended an invitation to another player who wants to train for the Olympic Games.,

,It is my responsibility to invite Messi and Di Maria. We have a great relationship with Leo and Angel, we are friends. But one understands that he has other commitments and it will depend on him, it is not that easy. same way, it’s time to talk to them, Now we have to enjoy,” argued the coach, still with emotion after achieving the feat. One of two qualifying tickets for Pariswas other classified paraguaya,

Messi’s reaction

For all this, Messi was not absent from what Argentina’s boys did in Venezuela And used their social networks to celebrate the classification. Leo published a “Vamooss” in his Instagram stories, which he decorated with four appliques and the Argentine response to a Publication of AFA’s official account,

We must remember that both Messi and Di Maria were already Olympic champions in 2008When? Argentina defeated Nigeria 1-0 in the final with a goal from a Benfica player., it’s a coincidence Javier Mascheno was also a starter in that team,

copa america 2024

One of the first shortcomings to appear for the possibility of Both Messi and Di Maria will go to Paris 2024 as it is very close to the Copa America 2024 final. which will be disputed usa,

Yes argentina reached the finals, is scheduled for 14th JulyWhile the beginning of olympic games 2024 In the football system it is scheduled for 10 days later marseille,


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