Yes no Crean? Kimberly Loaiza didn’t sell that many boletos for her last show at CDMX

Kim Loaiza doesn’t need to sell any access so it can be available at the last consultation Photo: Getty Images

Original singer from Mexicali, Kimberly Loaiza, It was revealed several weeks ago that it would step back from creating content for social rights; Without any restrictions, we have to know that around the 30th of 2024 there will be a spectacle in the Sports Hall, which is announced as follows: “The last concert of Kimberly Loaiza in CDMX”.

The creation of content is found under the eye of the Huracán, after which a video will be posted to your YouTube channel acknowledging that you have started following the promotion of your song. Mal HombreIn both cases, Juan de Dios Pantoja initiated it, imitating it as a marketing strategy.

In the past Aunado recently aired an alleged private conversation of Kenya Bones, in which she accused Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja of blocking her path, as if systematically agreeing on the couple’s breakup.

Kimberly Loaiza announces her retirement in her last video (YouTube screen capture/@Kimberly Loaiza)

Previously, it had circulated in social networks that the singer did not need to sell so many entries for the last show in the country’s capital, apart from the fact that different users made various comments apparently before Loaiza’s confession, no Crean, you can rest assured that what you have to say is the only one More Marketing Strategy Log in to sell bulk boletos to your dealership.

Admission to attend the “Lindura Mayor” meeting can be obtained through Ticketmaster’s digital platform and costs from 732 pesos to 1000 pesos. 4 thousand 286.50 pesos,

From the moment you can see it on the Ticketmaster platform, from the moment of the publication of this note, you can sell some boletos for the show, and then you can see some sections that you log in before buying the boletos.

Todavia has not been registered with high sales of Kimberly Loaiza’s concert packages. Credit: (Screenshot/Ticketmaster)

El Palacio de los Deportes is a rectory that has the potential to house a 20 thousand viewersThe cubes are divided into more than 80 sections, so that they are uniquely stored before the boleto of Asta’s back.

The first section of the space in which the entries are discussed corresponds to the scenario that corresponds to section A1; for other reasons, the second section in which the entries are discussed is a few minutes before the publication of this note Forest De las que están justo detras, Number A4.

Despite the ban, there has been no payment for the large sales of boletus, but there are several large-scale secions in a landscape, from where the cionadas have secions, others that are ambien estan closest to its size: A3, A5 and A6.

Los boletos de los lugares cerquenos al escanario se agotarón creditos: (Screenshot/Ticketmaster)

It is important to note that there are many variations when it comes to the front of the concerto, since there is a possibility that in the Transcurso de Estos, las ventas mejoran e incluso pueda leger a concertar un sold out,

Para sistir no hay limit de adad y los niños de los tres años pagán boleto. Additionally, some of the items you may use may be related to your professional video camera, food, drinks, cigars, and vapes.

The gatekeeper is programmed start at 20:00 It is estimated that this duration will be approximately one hour.

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