TPS 2024 in the United States: Requirements you should consider for late re-registration for protected status

Did you know that you can file a late application to request TPS? Know how to do it and its requirements here.

He United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may accept late applications for enrollment temporary protected status (TPS) If you have good reason to file after the re-registration period for your country has ended.

In that case, along with your re-registration application, you must submit a letter explaining the reasons for submitting it so late. If you are eligible to file your initial application late, you must still comply with all eligibility requirements,

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What are the requirements for requesting late re-registration for TPS?

To be eligible to request late re-enrolment tpsOne of the following two conditions must be met:

  • That during the initial registration period of your country designation or during any subsequent initial registration period if your country is redesignated, You meet one of the following conditions and you enroll despite the condition or within a period of 60 days immediately following the expiration or termination of the said term:
    • You were a nonimmigrant, were granted voluntary departure status, or were granted any relief from removal.
    • You had an application for change of status, adjustment of status, asylum, voluntary departure, or any release of removal that was pending or subject to intensive review or appeal.
    • You were a paroled immigrant or your parole application was pending.
    • You were the spouse of a person who is eligible for TPS.
  • That during your country’s initial designation registration process or during any subsequent initial registration period if your country is re-designated, You were a child (unmarried and under 21) of a person who is currently eligible for TPS, If you meet this condition there is no deadline to submit your application.

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