Metastasis case: A witness revealed that Rafael Correa spoke to drug trafficker Leandro Noreiro about the release of George Glass

Rafael Correa talks to drug trafficker Leandro Noreiro to free George Glass

To obtain the anticipated testimony of protected witnesses at the hearing Metastasis Case It was set off from Ecuador on the morning of 28 March. judge Felipe Cordova presided over the session where the first testimony was presented marcelo lasso, who was the cellmate and confidant of slain drug smuggler Leandro Noreiro. Lasso’s statements have soiled Ecuadorian politics, as he said that Noreiro was negotiating with the former president and fugitive from justice of Ecuador, rafael korea, According to Lasso, Capo and the former President were discussing the release of the former Vice President george glasswho was convicted of corruption, is a fugitive and is currently Held at the Mexican Embassy In Quito.

lasso explained it Daniel SalcedoConvicted of corruption in public hospitals and linked to the Metastasis case, prosecuted together with Norero Glass’s release “for political purposes”, Furthermore, in conversations that Correa may have had with the capo, Noreiro described him as “Mashi“, Kichwa word means Friend And which was coined by Rafael Correa when he was President. Furthermore, the Correa username with which he communicated with Noreiro was RC5, as in the acronym and number of the Civil Revolution Movement.

Ecuador’s then-Chancellor Ricardo Patino, Leandro Noreiro and former President Rafael Correa in 2009 (Expresso)

The testimony developed as follows:

Marcelo Lasso: The truth is that they talked once or twice. He talked most of all about the independence of Mr. George Glass. Leandro and Daniel Salcedo were investing in the freedom of Mr. George Glass for political purposes, because they knew that eventually he could regain power, he could get political office once again and they knew that it would be useful to them. will be.

Prosecutor Diana Salazar: How did you know he was referring to Mr. Rafael Correa?

Marcelo Lasso: Because I watched the video call, I heard him speaking. I saw his face. I saw him talking to you on the phone. I was in the cell with him (Noreiro).

Prosecutor Diana Salazar: How did Mr. Correa call you?

Marcelo Lasso: Mashi

Ronnie is one of 52 defendants in the Aliaga Metastasis case

Now the protected witness was also cited ronnie aleaga -Former Correista Assemblyman, Latin King, prosecuted for the same case And fugitive. According to Lasso, according to the testimony of Marcelo Lasso, Eliga may have negotiated with drug trafficker Leandro Noreiro and other criminal leaders such as Fito and JR, aliases of Los Choneros: “In the months of July, August and September the issue of pacification Progressed a lot. In jails. Leandro Noreiro interacts with nicknames FitoSurname juniorSurname cornwith xavier jordan with and ronnie aleaga, because being part of the Latin Kings, he has a very close connection to the nicknamed “Diablo”, who is the leader of this organization at the national level. Lawyers Christian Romero and Kevin P. entered the prison using my name so that their names could not be recorded (…) Christian R. The alias was in charge of talking Emerson Curiapalo into approving payment for the freedom of Madrid. Its price is 120,000 US dollars and the nickname ‘Qiyuyui’ is also 120,000 US dollars.”

While in hiding, Eliaga has assured that his connection to the Metastasis case is political persecution and has begun a campaign against Prosecutor Salazar. According to the former MLA, the Attorney General and he maintained “intimate” relations.

Rafael Correa on the testimony of protected witness Marcelo Lasso in the Metastasis case

In his testimony, Lasso also assured that Leandro Noreiro was afraid of being poisoned. pablo ramirezThe former director of the prison service received USD 200,000 as a “donation” from a drug trafficker, and that judge emerson curipalo – Also prosecuted – Received bribes to rule in favor of criminal leaders.

In his X account, former President rafael korea Many things have been released about Lasso’s testimony. Correa wrote: “Do we expose ourselves to a lie detector?” And he has told his followers that “it will be relatively easy to downplay this new infamy.”

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