Rihanna explains the importance of braiding her sons’ hair

Rihanna - December 2023 - Getty Images - Fenty x PUMA Sneaker Launch Party

Rihanna – December 2023 – Getty Images – Fenty x PUMA Sneaker Launch Party

Rihanna knew “instantly” that she wanted to braid her sons’ hair.
The 36-year-old singer has always considered this hairstyle as a way to express herself and get closer to her roots. So she wanted to pass this symbol on to RZA, 22 months, and Riott, 7 months, who she had with her partner A$AP Rocky, so they would feel “protected” by their ancestors.
She told Chinese magazine Vogue: “It’s a form of protection from our ancestors… (It) makes us realize where we come from. It’s our lost history. I immediately wanted my children to have braids. Keep the hair…it’s something that’s in our blood.”
The “Diamonds” singer has previously expressed her desire to “break generational curses” in her family.
She told Access Hollywood, “I hoped that one day I would have kids, and I hoped that I would be able to love them, and I hoped that I would be a part of a family that was free from, you know, generational curses. And move on, do new things.” And raise your kids better than ever before, and all these great things, and it’s happening, and I can’t believe it.”

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