Metastasis case: According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the former Coreista legislator sought to “silence” Fernando Villavicencio

Former Coreista MLA Ronnie Eliga was prosecuted for the Metastasis case. (Reuters/Karen Toro)

(from Quito, Ecuador) – In the list of new defendants Metastasis CaseThe former Corista assemblyman and Latin King member, who was charged last Friday, says, Ronnie Elega, The Prosecutor’s Office has presented a series of interviews that highlight Aliaga’s ties to the slain drug trafficker Leandro Norreiro and his accomplice, the leader of a corruption network in the judicial system. xavier jordan, In highlights, Attorney General Diana Salazar said Aliaga tried to “silence” Fernando VillavicencioHe was assassinated on August 9, 2023, during his presidential campaign.

Rony Aliaga, 39, has had a political career since taking part in the defunct Alianza PAIS movement in 2006. He has held several public positions, including as a legislator in the National Assembly as representative of the Union por la Esperanza (UNES) since 2021. During his tenure as a legislator he clashed with other politicians, including Fernando Villavicencio. The slain politician denounced that Eliga and other assembly members were hatching a plan to kill him hitman style – the same way he was shot last August. In addition to Liga, Villavicencio pointed out pablo muentesA leader of the Christian Social Party was arrested and interrogated today purge case,

Eliga was part of the Latin King, went through the process of one of the gangs peace and legalization During the government of former President Rafael Correa.

Fernando Villavicencio and “The Picture of the Big Tits.” (X/Gene Cano)

In the Metastasis case, Eliaga is referred to as a “Russian” in a conversation with drug trafficker Leandro Noreiro, suggesting that he may be involved in criminal activities to benefit the drug trafficker.

The politician has denied these allegations and described the investigation against him by the prosecutor’s office as “harassment”. According to the migrant movement report of the Judicial Police, Eliaga left the country for Pasto, Colombia on December 26, 2023. During the charge hearing, Eliga claimed to have important information to share and asked that he not be kept in preventive detention. However, Judge Felipe Cordova It was decided to comply with the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and ask for support from Interpol to locate the former Corista legislatorWhich former President Rafael Correa has described as a source of great pride.

According to Diana Salazar at the hearing, since the money laundering process against Noreiro began and with the publication of the “big breast photo” Villavicencio named a photo that showed Aleaga with Jordan in a pool in Miami Now the case started being prosecuted. Worry, especially Xavier Jordan who has begun judicial harassment of all media investigating his illegal activities: “The purpose of his (Ronnie Aleaga’s) involvement was to silence the person who represented the greatest source of revelations of his criminal activities: Fernando Villavicencio.The Attorney General said.

Publication by Rafael Correa about Ronnie Aliaga.

Prosecutor Salazar said, “Aliga made sure to silence voices capable of disrupting this criminal activity and highlighted that, as a legislator, Aliaga sought to obtain privileged information in favor of Jordan :”He was there not to review the laws, but to adapt them. A strategy to oppress our opponents, to silence them,” he said.

Given the spread of what Prosecutor Salazar said during the hearing, Aliaga wrote We will see what Ecuador and Villavicencio’s family (+) think about what you hid (for political interests) about his murder “

The Civic Revolution bench related to Korism indicated that they would investigate Elega in the Oversight Commission to determine political responsibilities.

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