Mexico has developed the PASSEX exercise together with the French Navy

As part of the team’s training Mexican Navy, mexican frigate ARM Juarez Pola 101 conducted a naval exercise passex In Mexican Pacific coast next to the frigate FS Prairieal F-731 of french navy, part of mexican ship Pacific Naval ForcesLocated in Manzanillo (Colima).

Above after the French ship reached Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco. surveillance and monitoring frigate FS Prairieal F731 This is a class A ship flowers Arrived in Mexico as part of a military cooperation effort with the Mexican Navy to exchange knowledge on French naval and maritime procedures and experiences.

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The exercises conducted included training in tactical maneuvers and communications, air operations; medical evacuation; and operations with smaller vessels and exchange of personnel between vessels. ARM Juarez Pola 101 and frigate FS Prairieal F-731,

naval exercises passex

naval exercises passex It involves a series of maneuvers and communications between the two navies coordinating joint operational actions on the high seas with their ships. Its purpose is to prepare for possible scenarios of joint operations, such as communicating through signals or planning shared tactical maneuvers. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to exchange experiences to improve knowledge for any potential mission.

In the same way, various aspects of maritime warfare are tested, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and security, optimizing training between allied forces, where various simulated maritime scenarios are executed, building confidence and improving training. Strengthening maritime capabilities and bonds of friendship among the participating countries.

The main objective of conducting these exercises is to develop the principles, procedures and tactical knowledge that govern the command, control and maneuver of all maritime units.

428073174 727797449538327 2148385570610277231 N (1)French battleship seen from Mexican Pola. semar signature

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