Miami Marlins sign Ethan Salas’ brother

ninth of miami marlins They settled for another big prospect from the Salas family for the following year. yes, he is jewel’s younger brother Ethan SalasThe San Diego Padres prospect who signed for a $5.6 million dollar signing bonus in 2023 has the most lucrative figure for a Venezuelan player the system has ever signed. big league,

Andrew Salas This is the name of the young man who attracted the attention of talent scouts miami marlins few days back. To obtain the services of a youth who aspires to become mlb Within no time, they reached a verbal agreement with the family for an amount equal to his brother’s signature. Guardian,

Miami Marlins sign another gem, brother of Ethan Salas

Andrew Salas He plays third base and shortstop. In addition to naturally defending center field, a position where he was well regarded by the organization miami marlins,

The Salas family has been involved with organized baseball for many years. His grandfather belonged to Jose kansas city royalsy Houston Astros (between 1970 and 1973). Signed by his father, Joseph II atlanta braves (1999 to 2004). and his uncle Jose Gregorio had made an agreement toronto blue jays (2002 to 2004).

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