Miami Marlins sign Tim Anderson for 5 million

miami marlins He had a good season last year. The team finished third in the East Division of the National League with 84 wins and 78 losses, achieving a positive record for the first time since 2009. Similarly, it reached the playoffs for the first time since 2003. However, they made little progress in the postseason when they lost in the Wild Card Series. philadelphia phillies For 2-0.

During the 2023 season, miami marlins Completed a perfect offense in which he was second in the National League in hits with 1,423, especially supported by the bats of men such as louis erez, George Soler, brian dela cruz And john bertie, Overall, he hit .259/.316/.405 with 166 home runs, 258 doubles, and 23 triples.

For this 2024, the Florida team is looking to strengthen its offensive line due to the loss of figures like Jorge Soler and. Yuli Gurriel, In their desire to repeat in the playoffs and go far in the October Classic, the team made an important acquisition.

Veteran shortstop Tim Anderson signs with Miami Marlins

In this way the team got an experienced player, who managed to win. champion bat In the 2019 season. Furthermore, it has a silver slugger and has been a member of all Star On two occasions. Tim Anderson, at age 30, has been there for eight seasons, forever chicago white sox, stands out as a hitter, although his attack in the last competition left much to be desired. He hit only .245/.286/.296, with one home run, 25 RBI and 121 hits in 123 games.

However, the reason for most doubt is his defense at shortstop. Anderson has a -0.9 defensive WAR. As a shortstop last year, he committed 14 errors and had a .966 average. In addition, he had -16 runs saved in 119 games in this position, being one of the last in this indicator.

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