Miguel Layun: ‘Chicharito’ in Mexico will do well for the US Kings League

During the America Kings League Draft, Layun assured that he would be happy if ‘Chicharito’ would return to Liga MX.

Mexico — miguel layun wants the presence of javier ‘chicharito’ hernandez encourages in mexico America Kings LeagueThis is why he hopes to complete his contract with the Mexican forward Shivaj,

“We will have to see if he returns. Once they make it official, they’ll be happy with life,” he said. layun about the possible arrival of ‘Chicharito Hernandez till MX League.

‘Chicharito Hernandez negotiations are ongoing with Shivaj to return to Liga MX, Even his agent, Lorenzo Romanwhich together hernandez is part of the board of Olimpo UnitedSaid that talks with the Red & White board are going well and they hope to hear news soon.

“To be honest, news will come soon. There are good intentions everywhere, so we may get some news as soon as possible. In a few days the future will be defined, for better or for worse, and for now we will remain calm about this (Kings League),” the pre-draft representative said America Kings League,

Similarly, oribe peraltasaid that the return of ‘Chicharito’ It would be great for the red and white team and hopefully the signing of the Mexican forward will be confirmed in the next days.

“Yes, I would like it to arrive Shivaj, The truth is that he would be very excited to do it and we hope that everything will work out in his favor and it will be in the best interest of both him and the team.” ‘brush’ Also in the draft preview, because he is the manager of Olimpo United,

In spite of everything, ‘Chicharito’ Has not been able to reach an official agreement despite giving “yes” to its representative for talks with Shivaj his possible return Liga MX,

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