Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series for Android & IOS Free Download

Minecraft: Story Mode – A series of storytelling games available for Android and IOS Free Download

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Telltale game series follows a character named Jesse, whose gender is player-selectable.

Jesse lives in a house made of trees with his family Olivia, Axel and piglet Reuben. They won the architectural competition. However, their rival Ocelots rain hot lava around Jesse’s house. An explosion occurs and Reuben escapes. He chases the pig through the dark woods, where several monsters attack him.

During his adventure, Jesse meets Petra and Gabriel to restore his Order of Stone and battle the Ancient Builders to find his way home. The controls used in Minecraft: Story Mode – The Telltale Game Series depend on the device you are using: on a PC you have to use a mouse, on a TV you need to use a remote control.

The game involves executing commands during an interactive movie. Additionally, there is a craft that can be built using a variety of substances. The sequences are structured in a similar way to a regular movie, however, the events are supported by a music track that changes depending on what is happening in the scene.

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