MLS All-Star Game: Liga MX faces off against MLS stars again

of MLS This is a league that constantly seeks innovation to provide its fans with the best possible show, but sometimes it is better to resort to the safe and winning formula to achieve this goal, which is why this They will perform again this year. all star game A game between their tournament statistics and Liga MX,

According to the report given by the journalist lizzie becheranoDirector of of MLS That’s their intention and they’re moving forward with it, in a format that has been successfully tested with games in Los Angeles and Minnesota in past years.

With the possibility that the first year will be attractive Lionel Messi get elected, game of stars The league will be held this year on Wednesday, July 17 at Lowercom Field, Stadium columbus crewWhat is expected to be a great party for all involved in the US competition a few days before the start league cup,

Point to be noted is that of MLS has tried other concepts for its traditional All-Star each year, since in the past it invited the top teams Europe To take part in duels while they were in preseason, as happened with English Arsenal last year.

In case against a new game Liga MX Confirmed, 20 years will pass without an original meeting between the Eastern and Western Conference of MLSSince this league was last registered in 2004 after eight years of history.

When did Liga MX and MLS meet in the All-Star Game?

After the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic of MLS invited for the first time Liga MX for the show in 2021, and decided to repeat the clash a year later due to good fan response.

Both matches had other activities like skill competitions, but the winner was the same in both years. of MLSAs their figures impose themselves a punishment in 2021 and 2-1 in 2022, before the pause on this series of matches last year.

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