Moises Caicedo and his scores after the English League Cup final loss: 8 highest and 4 lowest out of 10 football | game

Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 in the last moments of extra time at Wembley this Sunday and thus won the English League Cup, the first trophy for the Reds since 2022. The winning goal was scored by Dutch Virgil van Dijk. 118th minute and allows Liverpool to dream of ending the season with a title poker, as the current leaders of the Premier League also wish to win the Europa League and FA Cup.

While Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp won his thirteenth title as a coach this Sunday, eight of those titles were won with the team from The Beatles’ hometown, allowing Ecuador’s Moises Caicedo to win his first trophy in the first division (this season). Will have to wait as Chelsea still aspire to win the FA Cup trophy.

Various English media outlets rated both teams’ heroics based on their performances in the League Cup dispute and, in the case of Tricolor Caicedo, rated them high, low and 50% (all out of 10) according to who gave the score. Maximum possible.

Caicedo was rated 8 out of 10 Sun, in its digital version (“He ran a lot through the center of the field, was strong and aggressive when tackling, though too aggressive on more than one occasion, and was excellent in possession”). The newspaper highlighted Tricolor’s forceful entry, which injured Liverpool’s Ryan Gravenberch, who had to be sent off after 25 minutes.

The Daily TelegraphHe gave the Ecuadorian a score of 5 out of 10 for his performance in the English League Cup final (the London newspaper gave its assessment as follows: “Should he have been sent off? He was certainly lucky not to be caught for the foul. Survived without even booking.”Forced Gravenberch to go. Poor thing”).

Portal football london He gave Nino Moi 5 out of 10 after his first final in England (“When he was so desperate to try to suffocate Liverpool he made too many fouls. He needed a bit more composure when he was in possession”. was needed.”

For evening standard The Tricolor’s performance was a 7 out of 10 (“He was lucky to escape punishment for placing his pupo on Ryan Gravenberch’s ankle, which caused the Liverpool midfielder to be left on a stretcher). He recovered from a nervous start to have a solid game. was playing, causing disruptions to break Liverpool’s flow).

series portal sky game He was rated 4 points lower than the first (“Gravenbirch was forced to leave due to injury. Messy in possession and even more disorganized. Looks like he was half a player at Brighton and needed a serious reset. Is).”

According to the analysis of and daily Mail, the score Caicedo deserved was 50% of the possible, that is, 5 out of 10 and he justified it like this: “The clumsy action against Ryan Gravenberch angered Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp wanted a straight red card. He didn’t even get a free throw. “Moises Caicedo had no problem throwing his weight (onto the Dutch midfielder).”

while the agency efe Throws light on this aspect: ,Chris Kavanagh, one of England’s most respected referees, did not see the straight red card given to Moises Caicedo for striking Ryan Gravenbirch’s ankle. The Dutchman went off on a stretcher and Kavanagh neither reviewed the play on VAR nor showed a yellow card. “Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager), along with twelve players in hospital, exploded on the sidelines, he couldn’t believe what had just happened.” (D)

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