Monica Garcia personally encourages MIR before the exam

Health Minister, Monica GarciaTo wish lots of encouragement, on this special day, did not want to miss the celebration of MIR 2024 exam good luck to the applicants Of this year. At the door of the ministry, anesthetist has highlighted the sacrifices that both the candidates and those who collaborate have made to make the development of the tests successful.

,Today is a very important day for our health, as candidates take specific health training exams. From here I want to give all my encouragement and good wishes to all the students who are going to apply today for places like MIR, EIR, PIR, FIR, etc., and who are going to be part of our health system,” Garcia said. .

The Minister recalled the moments when she herself faced the exam, put herself in the shoes of the candidates and assured that she was aware of the stress and nervousness experienced on a decisive day like today: “Those of us who Been there, they tell you that this is a day in which you go through a lot of troubles, but then get satisfaction. And this day is also a way of welcoming you to the health system, which is very important for our society. One of the fundamental pillars that maintain life as we know it.

Garcia thanked those who made this test possible. ,There are 28 venues, 622 tables and over 2,000 people Who are ensuring that this examination produces future health professionals,” he acknowledged, while also congratulating them, wishing them well and encouraging them to get through this “nervous day”.

MIR promoted family medicine

With respect to specifics, especially in stressful situations family MedicineHaving had spaces for two consecutive years, García recalled that great efforts have been made by the ministry to expand family medicine spaces; “In fact, there have been over 600 locations since 2018.” “We have to make efforts between the communities and the ministry so that Primary care is a lucrative profession And their doctors can actually practice it for so many years. We are seeing a loss of professions that as a country we cannot afford and that is why we have to work together with the autonomous communities so that once family doctors complete their training, they are at the first level Stay tuned, that’s very important. We need to retain talent that is screened today and trained tomorrow,” the minister concluded.

More than 30,000 candidates took admission The full set of tests has been called for examinations to be held at 28 points in Spain this Saturday to access one of the 11,607 places offered. Medicine is at the top, with 8,772 posts for Resident Internal Physician (MIR)Next comes Nursing, which has 2,108 places for prospective resident intern nurses (EIRs). Offers for 340 places for Pharmacy, 247 for Psychology, 27 for Chemistry, 65 for Biology and 48 for Physics have been completed.

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