Wingstop restaurant chain arrives in Montehedra: mandatory stop to taste chicken wings

If you are one to taste chicken wings Until you get to the bone and leave no trace of sauce between your fingers, there’s one spot you should be aware of. restaurant chain wingstop Has already opened its third location in Puerto Rico and it is located Montehedra Premium OutletsDue to which it became their main restaurant.

more than 2,000 restaurants worldwideThe island’s market has been one President of International Brands, Raj Kapoor. “When we investigate, We noticed that Puerto Ricans like the taste, Try the delicious products and it’s proven,” he commented in an interview. Salt!.

“Now that we have entered Puerto Rico we have already opened three restaurants”Kapoor added while talking about the complex located sea ​​cow And QP. to become it “place” Loved sharing in this new, harmonious way The flagship restaurant has two floors So that connoisseurs of taste can enjoy a pleasant time while enjoying the diverse menu. Similarly, if you prefer to eat in the comfort of your own home, it has a pickup window When ordering online through

In keeping with the flavors of the Puerto Rican eatery, Wingstop adapted the menu to pay homage to the island’s cuisine through food., “Here we have a very unique approach and that’s why we decided to bring an alternative to the wings with the traditional tostones and mayoketchup,” Kapoor gushed about the concept, founded in Texas in 1994.

Tostones with mayo ketchup, a local variation designed specifically for the Puerto Rican palate.
Tostones with mayo ketchup, a local variation designed specifically for the Puerto Rican palate. (supply)

It aims to please those who love wings, whether with or without bones, chicken sandwiches, or chicken strips. The series is considered under the concept of casual diningBecause, unlike fast food establishments, menu items are freshly cooked, seasoned and mixed by hand when ordered, making the freshness worth any wait.

“Wingstop changed everything for taste lovers in Puerto Rico”He said Jose Vazquez, co-founder of Wing Island Development LLC and local partner of the brand. “We set out to find a new range for the island, and the chicken wings issue is a key niche in the market. And for these types of products, there are very few large global and established chains, and of the few that exist, the largest and most important is Wingstop,” he assured. As a long-term goal, they want to operate over 50 restaurants on the island, with three additional restaurants already in development.

Among its attractions, in addition to seasoned fries and corn on the cob, it is worth mentioning the wide variety of sauces, some 12 listed from “Not spicy”, “Somewhat spicy” to “Very spicy”, to be a crowd favorite lemon pepper And this Garlic Parmesanwith popular sauce Farm And this blue cheese, Too prepared daily In every restaurant.

It tastes absolutely delicious, doesn’t it? Wingstop Senior Culinary Director Larry BellaMakes Puerto Rico the perfect match. “Puerto Rico is all about flavor in different aspects culturally. That’s why Wingstop fits in perfectly with Puerto Rican culture. It’s all about taste.”, “When we enter a different market, we want people to know about our concept. But, we also wanted to make sure we really became a part of that atmosphere, so yes, we added the famous mayo ketchup and honey garlic sauce.

For Larry Bellah, what makes Wingstop special is that “There’s a flavor for every mood”, “My favorites change every day, sometimes I might choose something very spicy like ‘Atomic’ or ‘Spicy Korean Kyu’, and other times, I might choose ‘Louisiana Rub’ or ‘Honey Garlic’; “There’s one for every moment.”

Wingstop locations in Puerto Rico: Open 11:00am to 10:00pm

Montehedra – #9410 Avenue. Camino Los Romeros, San Juan, PR

hippopotamus – Km 50, PR-2, Manati, PR

QP – 1705 Calle San Javier, San Juan, PR

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