More Americans reach retired millionaire status, setting record numbers

Last year proved to be a turning point for those who save to achieve a prosperous retirement (Illustrative Image Infobae)

In the United States, last year marked a turning point for those saving for a prosperous retirement. According to recent data fidelity to truthMore than one third (37%) of American workers They increased their contribution rates to retirement savings plans through the end of 2023, an indicator that indicates promising growth in the pension saving culture.

Additionally, despite facing inflationary pressures not seen in decades, the number of accounts achieving millionaire status increased by more than 11%, with average account balances reaching the highest level in two years.

fidelity to truth Thrown light on fox business This increase in contributions and account balances reflects remarkable resilience and optimism among savers, particularly in an economic context marked by volatility.

Sharon BrovelliChairman of Labor Investment fidelity to truthNoting that last year “ended on a high note for retirement savers,” he added, “When it comes to issues like market stability and economic events, 2023 showed us ups and downs, but encouragingly so.” “Many savers took up long-term investments. See and stay on course through it all, which is the kind of commitment that can lead to a secure financial future.

The interest in ensuring a comfortable retirement is also reflected in the behavior of participants in schemes such as 401(k), where a remarkable 78% of savers were contributing at a rate high enough to receive a percentage match from their employers. This proactive attitude toward retirement savings underscores the importance of designing and pursuing investment strategies that are consistent with long-term financial goals.

recommendations of fidelity to truth It is suggested that, by the age of 30, you should save at least 1x your annual salary, 3x by the age of 40, 6x by the age of 50, 8x by the age of 60 and 10x by the age of 67. Needed

“Regardless of your company’s guidelines, you need to be at a point where you’re comfortable with your asset allocation, you’re comfortable with your contributions,” says Michael Schammerle, vice president of thought leadership for career investments at Fidelity. Recommends a combined savings rate of 15 percent.

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However, despite these advances and proactive strategies, a recent study clever found that 46% of retirees do not have a plan in case their retirement savings run out, while 66% of current retirees think the United States is facing a retirement “crisis.” This underlines the continued need for financial education and effective pension planning to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement.

Looking ahead, from the data fidelity to truth Suggesting that retirement plans will likely continue to be considered a valuable benefit, 22% of employees globally report that benefits are the top reason for staying with their employer. Such trends emphasize the importance of employer contributions to building a strong retirement nest egg and reflect changes in perceptions about long-term financial security.

This focus on savings and retirement planning comes at a critical time, as employees across the country are struggling to cope with the uncertain economic landscape, requiring them to remain diligent and committed to personal financial goals to ensure a worry-free retirement. Throws light on the importance.

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