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Justin Bieber was one of the notable guests at the draft for the NHL All-Star Game.

He was the co-captain of Auston Matthews’ team…

And let’s just say the Canadian star’s appearance attracted attention for the wrong reasons.

It’s simple really: Bieber looked like a guy who didn’t even want to be there.

He practically never left his seat during the selection of players, he was not involved in the decisions of his team…

And even though he was seen smiling a few times while chatting with his good friend Auston Matthews, many criticized the singer’s “effort” during the program:

I find it a bit of a shame because Justin Bieber comes from Toronto.

He was home for an important National League event, while the NHL was counting on him… and he should have understood that his participation would please a lot of people.

Especially because he has 50 billion fans around the world. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you know what I mean.

If Justin Bieber was flat, it’s the exact opposite for Michael Bublé.

He was co-captain of Quinn Hughes’ team and he was really entertaining.

Like, really entertaining. He was so involved in his team choices that it seemed as if he was playing in the NHL.

In a press conference after the draft, Bublé claimed that he had taken magic mushrooms before the event.

And no, this is not a joke. You can’t make it:

I guess any way is good to have fun, hehe.

Maybe even Bublé should have reached out to Bieber to offer him some magic, since the latter apparently didn’t answer the call…

More seriously, I wonder what the league will think about all this.

Who cares Bieber…

Bubble on magic mushroom…

Is this good for the NHL’s image? I will give you the answer.


Remember that the teams were formed in preparation for the match, which will be presented on Saturday.

Click here to know the identity of the clubs:

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