Multiple Essences presents the “Impact Economy’s I Human Wellbeing Summit” and human well-being trends in Peru

27.10% of the Peruvian population does not know how to deal with work, family or personal pressures

In November 2023, Multiples Ascensias was born, a community envisioned by Isabel Castillo, Bander Martínez, Janessa Castillo, Griela Pérez, Pepe Ucchi, Eric Rodríguez, Porfirio Castro, Jennifer Milla; To connect and unite leaders from different sectors, where the comprehensive well-being of human beings (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) is the priority, to influence any of their initiatives, achieving conscious leadership.

Linking Integral Wellbeing and the Impact Economy, it is vital that professionals and companies understand this approach, as it contributes not only to the creation of a more sustainable world, but also new opportunities for innovation, customer loyalty and long-term growth Also opens. , Adopting an impact economy is not only a step towards sustainability, but also an important strategy to align financial objectives with creating a positive impact on society.

Panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean in relation to broader well-being

IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank; and The Wellbeing Project, a global well-being consultancy; Highlight the impact of stress caused by lack of well-being on workplace-related daily performance: decreased productivity, less innovation when completing projects, increased work accidents and decreased quality of decisions.

This problem is being addressed in Latin America and the Caribbean (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina and the United States), through initiatives at the business and entrepreneurial level based on customized well-being and mental health The focus is on. Using strategies and technologies like digital platforms, mobile applications and chatbots to reach more people and overcome access barriers.

Comprehensive Wellbeing: A Business Opportunity

According to a study conducted by McKinsey Health Institute (2023), holistic well-being is a business opportunity that all organizations can leverage to strategically align with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and SDG (Development Goals) frameworks. Needed durable). By creating environments where employees thrive, organizations not only improve individual health but also contribute to positive economic impact, which is anticipated to lead to increased valuations from investors linking well-being with financial performance.

This perspective not only shows that it is possible to improve productivity and well-being at the workplace level, but that it can also be implemented at the national level. To achieve this, collaborative work is necessary between the government, public sector and entrepreneurs; Offering inclusive services to improve mental health and well-being can raise awareness and increase funding, which in turn will help strengthen the impact economy by generating economic benefits while achieving social and environmental impacts.

According to a study by Insight Hunting SEO drawn by Impulse Data Intelligence Unit For multiple essences, It was possible to identify that, in Peru, there has been a monthly increase in 2023 in online searches on topics related to social welfare. Of the more than 3.3 million people searching for information on stress management, 27.10% are learning about self-esteem and self-esteem. -Acceptance, approximately 3 million people are interested in interpersonal relationships and 2,645,950 people try to identify and resolve mental health problems.

The main concerns present about emotional well-being are: how to address work, family or personal pressures (27.70%), anxiety and worries about the future (26.10%), not knowing how to overcome feelings of sadness (24.9 %), family fights, friendly or romantic (22.50%), managing loneliness and isolation (21.50), not knowing how to manage self-esteem and self-acceptance (20.40%), difficulties in taking decisions (18.50% ), how to deal with social relationships, expectations (16.90%), facing significant changes in life and adapting to them (16.70%).

On the other hand, during 2023, more than 8 million people searched for topics related to physical well-being, whose concerns included: not knowing how to choose healthy foods (30.30%), not knowing how to connect emotional well-being Go to physical well-being (29.20%), etc.

Within the framework of its commitment to comprehensive well-being, Multiples Ascensias announced “Human Wellbeing Summit of Impact Economy”This innovative meeting is scheduled to take place on January 25 and 26 at the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco. Its objective is to promote conscious leadership and drive positive change in various initiatives. Creating a space where leaders from different sectors meet, explore and share the impact and tools of conscious leadership focused on holistic well-being. The summit seeks to promote the development and expansion of various impact initiatives in the social, environmental, economic and spiritual sectors within the Latin American economy.

This program is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, civil sector representatives, multilateral organizations, government sector, among others, who are committed to making conscious decisions and promoting positive change in their respective resolutions.

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