My name is Alberto and I am presenting at MIR 2024: Podcast

Alberto Miguel Gil is one of thousands of candidates who will face the MIR exam on January 20

Barely a week is left for thousands of applicants to face one of the most defining moments of their careers MIR test, Alberto Miguel Gil would be one of them. In medical writing We wanted to know what this preparation feels like from the inside by giving a name and surname to one of its protagonists. Their experiences, testimonials and feelings will help create an image of each step that makes up the process to obtain residency. national health system,

In this first chapter of ‘Diario de un MIR’. Alberto tells us how he experienced it first phase of study and how they have evolved convictions and sensibilities As months passed and the exam date came closer.

Suspicion MIR in final stage

Starting to study 10 hours a day required not only great willpower and effort, but also sacrificing many plans in order to respect the rules. a routine, Fortunately, in his case, he has not been alone. He was accompanied by his roommates, aspiring residents, and their partners, with whom he shares MIR preparation And all the worries.

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For Alberto, one of the most complicated things about preparing for an opposition is knowing how to manage confidence and self-assurance in front of the opposition. Amount of material to study. The fear of failing is always there and it is not easy to stay motivated and encouraged, especially when the results in practice are not as expected. However, now, in the countdown to the exam, all this candidate wants is exam day has comeReflect on all the hours of training and rest invested.

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