NASA will test a supersonic aircraft capable of flying at speeds of more than 1,700 km/h without generating noise

The intention is to explore the possibility of carrying out supersonic transoceanic flights, theoretically capable of carrying passengers from New York to London in less than two hours, whereas a commercial flight would now make that journey in about seven and a quarter hours. is (NASA)

The American space agency NASA is preparing for a milestone in the history of aviation, this Friday it will launch its experimental supersonic aircraft X-59. Designed to redefine high-speed flight, it will be tested with the basic objective of evaluating whether engineers have managed to reduce the noise typical of this type of technology.

The test launch will take place this Friday, January 12 at 4 pm ET (2100 UTC, 6 pm Argentina time, 3 pm Mexico time) from Palmdale, California.

The aircraft is 30 meters long and 4.27 meters high, it will be able to reach an altitude of 16,764 meters, it will fly at Mach 1.42, (a measure of relative motion defined as the ratio between the speed of an object and is) the speed of sound), which is equal to 1,760 kilometers per hour. Supersonic flight occurs when a flying object exceeds the sound barrier at 1,234 kilometers per hour or Mach 1.

The creators claim that it will not produce dangerous sounds while flying, but will produce a sound that is barely audible to people on the ground. It has an external HD vision system to see what is happening in real time, it has only one engine placed in the upper part of the tail, and it has arrow-shaped wings to enter the atmosphere more easily. Are.

The aircraft will be tested in populated areas of the United States to check its effectiveness, ensuring that the sound generated is barely audible to people.

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