Nations League Mexico vs. United States: Memo Ochoa gets a goal from 35 meters and is severely criticized for his continuous mistakes

in a meeting in which Mexico resisted the greatest dominance and threat of usaHistory was defined in the last game of the first half of the finals. CONCACAF Nations League And for many people with another error Memo Ochoa.

with the unexpected connivance of Guillermo OchoaThe Americans managed to make the score 1–0 with a powerful shot from about 35 meters away by the captain. Tyler Adams.

During the first 45 minutes, mexican team It had little presence in the attack, the United States being the protagonist of the dangerous opportunities.

Many Chiaroscuro by Memo Ochoa

Despite a remarkable save by Guillermo Ochoa against Christian Pulisic to keep the score at nil early in the match, one of his historical weaknesses once again took its toll on Trae at this crucial moment.

In the 45th minute of the first half, Mohd. tyler adams He hit a powerful shot from long distance. Despite some players’ attempts to block the shot, the distance was enough for the goalkeeper to react.

in this matter, Guillermo Ochoa He launched himself from his position laterally without moving, resulting in a failure that allowed a goal against Mexico.

The ball did not go into the corner, but was a powerful shot at medium height. However, considering the standards of a goalkeeper with experience Guillermo Ochoa, who have participated in five world CupIt certainly seemed like he could have done more to prevent the goal. USA.

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