Natural Medicine Tips to Improve Circulation

He Communication Systems It is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues of the body as well as collecting deoxygenated blood to transport it to the heart. It also contributes to maintaining a stable temperature in all parts of the body. Its proper functioning is essential to maintain good health.

Beyond hereditary factors, there are Habits and behaviors that affect the condition of the vascular system In a direct manner. We must pay attention to the first signs that indicate deterioration, determine where the problem lies and address it before pathology appears.

Circulation Problems: Warning Symptoms

circulatory problems They can cause a variety of symptoms. It is important to differentiate between them, because suffering from arterial distension is not the same as suffering from venous distension.

  • Artery problems appear early Dizziness, fatigue, palpitations, nausea, cold skin, shortness of breath…the heart has difficulty pumping enough blood at the proper pressure to meet the body’s needs. This may be due to a heart problem or because the arteries have become clogged with fatty deposits (atherosclerosis) or hardening (arteriosclerosis).
  • When the problem is with venous returnThat is, in the blood sent back to the heart after passing through the capillaries and irrigating the tissues, the first symptoms are the appearance of spider veins.Heaviness and fatigue in legs, swelling in anklesTingling, night cramps, piles, sensation of heat, itching and formation of varicose veins.

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