Nearly half of the electricity produced in the United States is emissions-free and clean

One of the world’s great powers is beginning to realize that renewable energy is an interesting reality

Nearly half of the electricity produced in the United States is emissions-free and clean
Solar energy is one of the most interesting options in terms of renewable energy

Humans have had a significant impact on the planet they inhabit. The reality of climate change puts us on the brink of crisis and forces us to turn to renewable energies that seek to reduce the negative impact on the planet. and in usa they begin to understand Future belongs to emission free electricity,

America’s energy options

A recent report released by the United States Energy Information Administration provides this assurance Electricity From emission free energy source they already climb up 40% of the total produced in the country US, in data obtained through October 2023, which may vary depending on factors such as climate and weather of the year.

As you can see in the graph that we show you on these lines, The United States is still a country heavily dependent on gas and coal, 60% of the electricity they produce comes from both energy sources. However, still 18% Where does its energy come from? nuclear centerThe North American country seems to have expressed its confidence in renewable energy.

Given this, some trends show a paradigm shift two decades agoThe Coal and gas figures were reversedIt is the first among these energy sources with 40% percent of the total electricity produced. And it seems that trend indicates that Combination of solar and wind energy can more than power generation of Coal for this year.

At the moment it seems that The main enemy of renewable energy continues natural gasWhich has managed to go from 40% in 2022 to 43.3% in 2023. However, given that the United States has set out to meet a range of climate objectives, Its use may decline in the coming yearsIncreasing the percentage of renewable energy used to generate electricity.

Yes actually, reach By the end of the decade a emission free country It feels like titanic workTo which other large countries have also committed, but this does not seem possible to achieve due to the required infrastructure and the well-known interests of the large companies in charge of the gas and coal sector.

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