New record for sales of dollars and euros in Cuba

This coming year saw new record figures for sales of dollars and euros in Cuba’s informal market, according to the daily rate of independent media the touchWhich records the price of currencies on the island.

The average selling price of the American currency rose to 276 pesos a cup in the past few hours, one peso more than its value since last January 16.

it also goes up The euro, which today reaches an average of 282 pesos in unofficial salesTwo pesos more than in recent times.

This is the first time that both currencies have been sold at these prices since 2019 the touch Street trading began reporting on currency value fluctuations.

Freely Convertible Currency (MLC)For your part, this Friday and remains unchanged It is sold for 250 cups.

The mean of the buying and selling prices registered in the last 24 hours marks the buying offer for the euro at 282 CUP and the selling offer for the euro at 281 pesos.

In dollar terms, the mean is 275 cups when buying and 278 cups when selling.

MLC, for its part, files an average takeover and sale offer at 250 pesos.

Average buying and selling prices of the three main reference currencies in Cuba’s informal market (elToque)

The return of the dollar, euro and MLC to their previous values ​​was uncertain after the beginning of the Cuban government’s crusade against the unofficial selling and buying of these currencies.

However, For now, they seem to have overcome the temporary decline in their prices in the informal market.

For several months the Cuban regime has been trying to shift blame the touch Promoting a higher exchange rate – in the government’s opinion – harms the Cuban economy and increases inflation on the island.

The temporary decline affecting the three reference currencies began on December 22, just two days after Cuba’s Prime Minister. Manuel Marrero Cruz, will announce it The official dollar rate will be changed in Cuba starting this January,

At the time Marrero Cruz did not specify what the new price would be nor the exact date when it would come into effect. As of January 19, Cuban authorities have not made any official announcement on this issue.

A few days after Manuel Marrero’s public intervention before the National Assembly, he was Minister of Economy in Cuba, alejandro gilwho gave this assurance They would intervene in the informal currency market, which they described as “distortion.”

reference rate of the touch It is prepared after analyzing purchase and sale advertisements published on social networks and classified websites. From this result, a value is established that is used to know the values ​​of the major currencies circulating in the country.

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