What’s the unexpected exercise that helps control pressure and strengthen muscles, according to Harvard?

To control high blood pressure, a fundamental part of treatment is to implement an aerobic exercise routine. while for strengthen musclesIt is essential to include a strength routine.

However, a new study rejects these assumptions and offers a new alternative that connects both results.

The exercise proposed is recommended by the Harvard Prevalence site and supported by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Isometric or static exercises. they include muscle contraction Without any movement.

According to this note, a comprehensive study involving approximately 15,000 people evaluated the effects of various exercise practices. refering to blood pressureThe results showed that all options contributed to balancing their values, But the most effective training in people with high blood pressure was Symmetrical.

Isometric exercises adapt to different needs Photo: Shutterstock

“This finding is interesting and somewhat provocative given the widespread recommendation to underestimate the benefits of aerobic exercise. blood pressure” explains Dr. Timothy Churchill, a cardiologist in the Cardiovascular Performance Program at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

A possible mechanism that would influence this benefit is that the muscles that contract during this type of mobility temporarily restrict blood flow. They then stimulate the release of factors that help relax the vessels and ultimately contribute to lowering blood pressure.

Walking is a classic option in daily routine to control high blood pressure.

about the purpose of strengthen musclesis in favor of isometric option That they can be easy and safe and can be done even by people with joint injuries or diseases.

In case of adults, it is recommended to do these at least twice a week.

These new findings provide evidence that strength exercise is also good for cardiovascular health.

In any case, the best thing would be to consult a specialist doctor and draw up a comprehensive, tailored routine.

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