New York Brief: Flaco Autopsy, the Manhattan Toll and the Shakira Concert

Like every Monday, the stories big and small that make New York the incredible city it is.

🦉 The autopsy of the Flako owl revealed that it died after eating not only poisoned rats, but also pigeons carrying a “herpes virus” deadly to birds of prey. The bird unfortunately perished, even though it did not hit any buildings.

👉 Don’t view the eclipse on Monday, April 8 without proper glasses. New York State distributes these for free.

💡 The lights at the top of the Empire State Building were turned off for an hour last Saturday evening, coinciding with Earth Hour, a movement that calls on people around the world to turn off non-essential lights for sixty minutes Encourages.

✅ The city will distribute debit cards to 115 migrant families with $350 per week deposited to pay for food and baby supplies for six weeks.

🚌 Pilot operation to tackle insecurity on buses: installation of screens broadcasting live images taken by cameras distributed throughout the vehicle.

🌼The official map of flowering trees is here.

Ⓜ️ 800 plainclothes and uniformed agents will be deployed in the metro to fight fraud.

🚗 A $15 toll to enter Manhattan below 60th Street has been approved by the MTA. New York will be the first city in the country to implement such a program.

🌿 Former boxer Mike Tyson launches his first legal cannabis-infused product.

🐀 A bill would ban the sale and use of glue traps to catch and starve… you know who.

⛔️ Several women have shared videos on TikTok saying they were punched in the face by strangers on the streets of NYC. A suspect has been arrested.

🎤 Shakira gave a surprise and free concert in Times Square last Tuesday.

🔫 A pilot program launched to test gun and knife detection scanners in subway stations.

🛑 Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison for fraud following the collapse of his digital currency trading platform FTX.

📱An app created by a 15-year-old called Connect the Dots NYC is helping homeless people connect with the resources they need.

🚗 The city has agreed to the first test of self-driving cars on NYC streets.

💰 Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and several artists helped Joe Biden raise more than $26 million for his re-election campaign at Radio City Music Hall.

Before the ink was even dry on her divorce papers, I had already received three emails from my clients specifically asking me to connect them to Natalie Portman. Van Doran said Joe helps billionaires find love.

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