Neymar displays a physical transformation that shocked and worried on social networks

Although some people believe it does not exist, “fate” rarely ignores. neymar, However his great achievements and talent left him in an illustrious place in football, as he was transferred to psg He continued to suffer injuries which gradually reduced his net time on the court. Migration marks their decline Saudi Arab And – in the last few hours – with a photo that arouses surprise. The reason? He showed worrying physical condition at the birthday party of Romario,

In mid-October last year, in front of uruguay in mythological Centennial StadiumOnce again in the news due to injury. About the epilogue of the initial stage, a crossing nicholas de la cruz Due to this, his step went wrong and he immediately fell on the floor and started trembling due to the pain he felt in his left knee. His teammates immediately noticed the seriousness and coach Fernando Diniz Send richardson instead. players of al hilal He was carried out on a stretcher and could not hold back his tears, while assistants made discouraging signs due to the perceived seriousness of what had happened.

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More than four months have passed since that event at one of the most popular venues South America And very little has been said about his return. To make matters worse, his name is only heard during this period for unpleasant reasons: he became isolated brunaControversy arose over a scandalous party on a boat, with speculation that he would become a father again (apparently he would have a father). dna) and is now surprised by his physical condition.

This incident, which went viral on social networks, involves the 58th birthday party. Romario, one of the best forwards produced by the South American country. The man honored there was accompanied by what he described as “some of the loves of his life”: Monica De Souza, romaninho, Danielle Favatto, Rafael DS Faria, Isabella Faria And ivy faria,

However, what caught the most attention was the appearance of Ney, who has been seen with several extra kilos since her last public appearance. national team star green yellow He has not played more than 400 days since 2020 due to injuries, something that may have affected the weight imbalance.

In this context, as is usually the case in these types of cases, especially on social networks X (XTwitter)Many comments can be seen about the physical appearance of the captain of brazil, Without going any further, some of the montage of images of the forward also appeared to exaggerate her alleged overweight – even more.

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Neymar increased his bank account

If it’s about excesses, what is shocking is that your savings account is in dollars. This was last summer ni Left the Paris unit to start an adventure Middle East, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia They offered him a unique salary of $9 million per month, so he is enjoying that figure without playing a single minute. Crunching the numbers, Neymar has earned around $36 million from the Saudi club.

It should be remembered that Neymar signed a two-year contract with Al-Hilal in exchange for $218 million. The Brazilian needed – preferably – a period of between six and eight months to recover, but those around him are no longer so optimistic and do not even think about it America’s Cup which will be held in the middle of the year North America,

disturbing history

The “10”‘s history of serious injuries began with a fracture of the fifth metatarsal on February 26, 2018, while playing in the French capital. The French club made him inactive for 90 days, after which the Brazilian arrived with just enough money world cup russia 2018,

In January 2019, he re-injured his fifth metatarsal and went 85 days without playing, causing him to lose weight America’s Cup Which was played in Brazil, in which the green and yellow team became the champion.

In June of the same year, he suffered an ankle ligament injury in another match. psg, This kept him out of the courts for 63 days. Another ankle injury at the end of 2021 caused him to miss 73 days of football. As if this was not enough, the ankle later became a drama again for the professional footballer; This required an operation and kept him away from the courts for 130 days.

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