Nicholas Galitzine and Harry Styles’ Drama ‘Idea of ​​You’ Explained

Nicholas Galitzine and Harry Styles' Drama 'Idea of ​​You' Explained

huge success of red, white and royal blue And BelowCombined with all the hype behind his role in the Starz series mary and george, made Nicholas Galitzine one of the biggest stars of recent years. In May 2024, his career is set to reach new heights by starring opposite Anne Hathaway in a new romantic comedy from Prime Video. your view,

But even before this new romantic comedy premieres, the project is receiving criticism on social media from a very dedicated group of people: Harry Styles fans. Why are you asking? Well, let’s look at the details that unfortunately cause these two worlds to collide.

Trigger warning: This story mentions suicide.

What is “The Idea of ​​You” about?

prime video your view is a romantic comedy starring Hathaway as Solenn Marchand and Galitzine as Hayes Campbell. The film is based on Robin Lee’s 2017 novel of the same name.

The story of this film and book focuses on a divorced woman who falls in love with a singer – who is part of a boyband named August Moon – after taking her daughter to one of his concerts. In the book, Solenn is 39 years old and Hayes is 20 years old. In the film, Solenn is 40 years old, while Hayes is 24 years old. There are other minor changes between the novel and the film, but the main story is about a woman who begins a relationship with a famous singer who is much younger and whose work in a boyband attracts teen audiences.

Harry Styles appears to be a reference to the book and film.

Since his debut as a member of One Direction, Styles was known for dating women much older than him. as detailed PeopleStyles dated TV host Caroline Flack (14 years his senior) in 2011, model Kimberly Stewart (14 years his senior) around 2013–2014, and finally had a highly publicized relationship with Olivia Wilde (10 years his senior) . ) after being selected for his film do not worry darling,

Styles and Wilde’s relationship endures, even if it happens later your view had already been written and published. At the time, Wilde was engaged to her longtime fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, and she was forced to announce that they had separated before her relationship with the couple ended. do not worry darling Costar. The timeline of these events is quite ambiguous and confusing, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

Styles and Wilde’s relationship got so serious that the singer met Wilde’s kids and the actress joined Styles on tour… and that didn’t happen until November 2022. page six It was confirmed that they have parted ways for good.

Quick sidebar: Liam Payne and Cheryl.

We will return directly to the similarities and concerns related to the styles your view (Because that’s the crux of this saga), but it’s worth noting that Style’s One Direction member Liam Payne also had a highly publicized relationship with British singer Cheryl, who was much older than him.

things balance out strange When you remember that Cheryl was a judge X Factor The season that featured One Direction premiered in 2008 – meaning she met Payne as a teen contestant on the British reality series. However, as mentioned D-14Payne and Cheryl started their relationship in 2016. At that time Payne was 23 years old and Cheryl was 33 years old. They had a son, Bear, in 2017, and they broke up a year later in 2018.

it can be argued that your view Payne and Cheryl’s relationship may also have been inspired, although Styles had a number of relationships with older women before the book was written and published. On the other hand, it has to be admitted that the parallels between the novel and Styles actually seem a bit obvious.

A thread of Harry Styles “references” in the film.

There’s a dedicated X thread that allegedly contains all the Harry Styles references your view Press Document. Some of these “references” seem obvious, but be careful, some of them also seem a bit exaggerated. For example, singers put it on in front of crowds all the time and people have been known to ride bikes – not everything has to be a reference, fam!

But this is why Harry Styles fans are really upset.

The biggest problem of Harry Styles fans your view He believes the singer is being used as a reference point for a book (and now a romantic comedy), while the so-called “true story” of what happened to him is considered far more sinister.

A few paragraphs ago, we mentioned that Styles dated Flack in 2011. Styles, born in 1994, was 17 years old in 2011. That year, Styles competed in the last season of X Factor, where boy band One Direction premiered and finished in third place. In 2011, Flack began hosting the spinoff series additional factors On TV. Born in 1979, Flack was approximately 32 years old at the time.

The media speculated that Styles and Flack might have met backstage. X Factor Season 7. Styles, who was a contestant in Season 6 X Factor (a season in which Flack did not participate), performed with One Direction during some episodes of season 7. Flack was also present for the filming of Season 7, as he co-hosted additional factors Companion Series.

Styles’ fans claim that his relationship with Flack may not have been truly consensual, as the singer was under the age of 18 as he was dating a woman over 30 years older at the time. fans problem your view Particularly concerning is this supposedly unbalanced dynamic between Styles and Flack that has been fictionalized in a more trivial way and has now been adapted into a romantic comedy, as explained in Post X below.

On the other hand, it seems that the marketing materials and casting your view As a public figure, Styles has distanced himself from the project.

during an interview with buzzfeed united kingdomGalitzine was asked directly if his character in the film was “inspired by Harry Styles.”

Galitzine explained, “We tried to create a character that was maybe like Harry in the sense that he’s a younger man who dates older women.” “(But) it was important to create someone who felt new and original, not some kind of poor imitation of someone we knew really, really well.” ,

Judging by the interview clip shared on social media, Galitzine looked very comfortable answering the question – not like someone walking on eggshells and giving a rehearsed answer for publicity your view, So it’s possible that this discussion among Harry Styles fans, while legitimate, was not something that those involved with the film were deeply aware of.

As mentioned earlier, Styles has had relationships with a few women much older than him, so it’s possible (and likely) that this character falls within the “Roma” range of general ideals of this kind of man. Was created as. -Com Storytelling”… and does not directly relate to the complex relationship the singer may have had with Flack.

We fully hear the concerns of Styles’ fans who remember these past stories in great detail and feel that certain aspects of these experiences are being sold as silly romantic comedy stories. However, we also see a world in which this film was never intended to reference any specific story, but was simply a type of relationship (like Payne with Cheryl and Styles with Stewart or Wilde) in which A young male popstar begins dating a woman. He is older than her.

The jury is still out on where the audience will reach. On the one hand, we believe fans share legitimate concerns about the times when a teen singer was in a relationship with someone much older than her. In turn, people should also consider that Flack recently took his own life in 2020 after facing years of media scrutiny, which is absolutely tragic. Last but not least, it doesn’t seem like the project intends to shed light on this situation in any way, given that the character is 20 in the novel and up to 24 in the film.

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