Nicole Kidman looks unrecognizable in this dark thriller

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Nicole Kidman is spectacular in a breathtaking thriller that we invite you to watch (again) on Prime Video.

No one can recognize Nicole Kidman in this movieNo one can recognize Nicole Kidman in this movie

On January 26, Nicole Kidman makes a great comeback on screen. a few months later aquaman 2The actress radically changed the register immigrants, 6-episode miniseries directed by Lulu Wang (the farewell) is inspired by the novel of the same name by American author Janice YK Lee, published in 2016. we follow Three women’s destiny crossed in Hong Kong When Margaret (Kidman) loses her youngest son while in the care of her new nanny, Mercy (Ji-Young Yoo). The program, available on Prime Video, has pleased American magazine critics Diversity For example, “Inaugurate A deep and nuanced story about the things women hide and what happens when they get so tired that it becomes difficult to hide them. A huge success to watch immediately.

Nicole Kidman’s radical transformation

If you have already watched the Lulu Wang series, we recommend you to search the filmography of Nicole Kidman amazon platform, you will find there especially A title unjustly forgotten, Destroyer, This feature film, released in theaters in 2019, is directed by Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body, Aeon Flux) is interested in an LAPD detectiveErin Bell, struggling a gang he once infiltrated, To understand the psychology of her character, the actress agreed to lend herself a radical physical changeas she already did hours, With his dark circles, brown complexion and white hair, he is really difficult to recognize. “He choseharm your bodyWe see that she wants to hurt herself”In an interview released by Alyosha, the star hinted at the time of the film’s release.

Makeup powerhouse

Tom Cruise’s ex-girlfriend Is silent 100% invested In the role of a detective. In particular, she was able to rely on Help of head makeup artist Bill Corso to replace. “For scenes set in the present, he created layers to give his face an uneven look, and used pigment for sun spots, prostheses for bags under the eyesbroken nose and stained teethKaryn Kusama explained while promoting her film. Bill Corso created wrinkles on his face using dotted lines that stretch the skin and trace age lines., A surprising result for a nervous and toxic film that had generally reassured the press five years earlier.

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