Nordic Nap, the strange tradition of putting babies to sleep outside in sub-zero temperatures

Nordic napping is a widespread practice in countries such as Norway, Denmark or Sweden, regardless of the temperature outside.  Photo: Getty Creative

Nordic napping is a widespread practice in countries such as Norway, Denmark or Sweden, regardless of the temperature outside. Photo: Getty Creative

The name couldn’t be more catchy (everything that includes a wink) and the ‘Nordic’ callsign takes us to dream lands Northern Europe, What more could you ask for than taking a peaceful nap after lunch in the middle of green and serene nature, the way the imagination connects the two words? We are sorry to break the spell as nothing could be further from the truth: The nordic nap It is not green; Calm down, we understand that yes; But, if climatic conditions dictate it, temperatures are such that they may touch or not even reach zero degrees Celsius.

Autumn, winter and early spring are cold for most parents in countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark. A fundamental part of your children’s daily routine (Even newborns) Let them take a nap outside, in the middle of the road, no matter the temperature or snow falling from the sky. Of course, they were in their carts with wheels and covered up, well protected with clothing and blankets suitable for this type of climate, there were many blankets for their protection. For someone who has never visited these sites, this image is quite striking: vehicles parked on sidewalks, installed outside establishments and restaurants or even in the gardens around private homes. The confused tourist will believe that the carts are empty, but not. Inside the children are sleeping peacefully during the precious nap hours (Nordic nap), while their parents dedicate themselves to other tasks or, why not, to their nap inside their homes.

This is a practice established in the peculiarities of these northern European states. dates back to the early 19th century And who tries to make children used to cold. It is believed that this is a beneficial ritual for the health of minors because outside they sleep better, longer (three hours compared to an average of one and a half hours) and deeper. Like many human practices, it has the support of scientists and there is much research that defends its benefits as well as the contraindications of many others. According to those supporting the proposal, children whose daily routine includes Nordic napping and are exposed to low temperatures lower respiratory infections Throughout their adult lives, they have fewer colds and easily avoid the annoying congestion that comes with winter. Exposure to adverse temperatures strengthens their immune systems and protects them from common diseases in the future.

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Another benefit associated with this particular ‘northern’ nap is that babies who are able to sleep in cooler climates get more sleep ability to fall asleep under any circumstances, environment and conditions, whether it’s day, night, rain, snow or a wind that freezes your face. Experts say that encouraging this ability to sleep wherever and whenever helps reduce insomnia problems in the future. For those who are against this remedy, there is no reliable and scientifically proven evidence to prove all these claims. There are some who exceed the measure Default in parental responsibilities, because most parents don’t stay out with their babies during nap time. What if they cry, if they are not comfortable, if they can’t resist the cold?

The tradition of Nordic napping has been passed down from generation to generation and has been maintained that way over time. Currently, there are a good number of Kindergartens in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark put it into practice, further institutionalizing a practice that, worth anecdotal, could be fully classified as a crime of abandonment of minors in other countries of the Old Continent, such as Spain or the United Kingdom. After lunch, anyone who wanders around these places will see rows of strollers in the park with children fast asleep inside. It is also common that, if a foreigner visits a Nordic person’s house with a minor in his arms, his friend Offer your garden and not some space in the house To set up the stroller and let your baby enjoy a nap, it does not matter whether the thermometer reads above or below zero degrees. A little cold never hurt anyone. Or yes, who knows.

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