Now there will be no problem in driving in tunnels, you will be able to use Google Maps even without internet

Google Maps updates its Android app with an innovative feature called Bluetooth Tunnel Beacons. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Google Map was updated to improve tunnel navigation using it bluetooth positioning signal, Which means users will maintain an accurate location even without a GPS signal.

Traveling through these sections, which are usually underground and where connections are usually broken, was a problem, which is why this function was called for. Bluetooth tunnel beacons will solve navigation.

It was also included in Waze and has already proven effective in cities such as New York (United States), Chicago (United States), Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium).

Therefore, significant improvements in driver safety and location accuracy are expected when driving underground, although this only comes to devices with the operating system Android,

In fact, this tool is not available to users yet iPhoneThose who will have to wait to get this update.

This update allows you to maintain GPS signal in tunnels. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Activation of support for these beacons must be done manually, and this requires:

– Open the application Google Map And touch the circular icon to access the user’s image on the main screen setting,

– Search options navigation settings And click on it.

– In the displayed menu you will find the function Bluetooth tunnel beacon.

– Once the option is activated, the application will request permission Search and Connect To nearby devices to maintain location service.

Whereas beacons must already be installed in the tunnels to function and, when activated mobileWill collaborate with Google Maps to calculate the user’s exact position, so its effectiveness will depend on the existing infrastructure of the tunnels and the cooperation of transport authorities for the installation of necessary signals.

With this simple trick, users’ compass will always be well-calibrated. (Google)

Google Continues to improve its services gps navigation To provide a more reliable and efficient experience.

This is why it is important that the phone’s compass works correctly MAPS Work with precision. If it is not adjusted properly then there is a danger of getting disoriented or walking on the wrong path.

This happens because the app is based on the magnetometer of the mobile, a sensor that can become misaligned for various reasons, such as proximity to metallic objects or proximity to objects that emit electricity and which are subject to distortions made by the person, or Can cause sudden movements and turns. Uses it.

Fortunately, this problem can be fixed in a simple way:

1. open Google Map,

2. Press the blue dot, it indicates the user’s current location.

3. choose ‘to check‘ in the bar visible from the bottom of the screen.

4. Press ‘next‘To allow camera access Google Map,

5. Position your cell phone so that its camera can identify locations in the environment.

For the calibration process to be successful, it is recommended that the user be in a well-lit environment so that the camera can capture the warnings or main directions of the place where they are located.

Google Map strives to do even more simple and safe travel in one electric vehicleWith the inclusion of new features that help in planning appropriately Routes that include charging points For the car in real time.

However, that’s not all, because you will also be able to know how many connectors That is correct, which type is compatible with car, how much does it cost to load and if it is busy or available,

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